Sin City, X-Men 3, Superman, Spider-Man 3: The Comic Reel Wrap for January 31st


The NECA website has an image of the new Gail action figure. They also have created a wallpaper with the image.


According to Superhero Hype, "Alan Cumming, who stars as Loki in the action-comedy Son of the Mask, told ComingSoon.net/SuperheroHype.com that he expects to start shooting X-Men 3 this summer ... ' "I signed for two films, so I'm going to. The last I heard is that we're starting on the 20th of June, but they don't have a script or a director yet so that may be pushed a little bit. But they have to release it in May of 2006 for some reason so it's gonna be shot in the summer. And it's one of these things, I kind of just want to know I'm going to do it cause it affects your whole life. You can do other things cause you know that it's a large amount of time; I'm going to a show on Broadway which I moved to January of next year just to make sure I finished 'X-Men' ... Every film you do you have to tell them just in case they're going to get it together really fast. You're under some options; it's quite weird.'"

When asked if he was disappointed that Bryan Singer moved on to do some small film with Warner Brothers, Cumming responded, "No. I'm not disappointed; I cannot deny that. I think he's really talented and I'm very proud of the film and I think it's a great film. I didn't enjoy working with him on the film."


Speaking of that tiny Bryan Singer project (and we're certain to get emails about that, since sarcasm is a lost art), according to the Hollywood Reporter, " Sam Huntington has been cast as Daily Planet cub reporter Jimmy Olsen in Bryan Singer's 'Superman' movie. Huntington's credits include 'Jungle 2 Jungle,' 'Detroit Rock City' and Thomas Haden Church's 'Rolling Kansas.' He next will be seen in the indie 'Molding Clay.'"


A scooper at Superhero Hype chimed in with the following: "I was at the FX Show this weekend, and spent some time talking to JK Simmons. According to him, they start shooting 'Spider-Man 3' in three months, and release date is Spring 2007. Course, things may change, but this is what the man said!"


Director Paul Greengrass' radio interview has been posted online by your friends at the BBC, and it begins about 27 minutes in. What? Too busy to listen? Well, all right ... Greengrass said he'll be working on the movie for the next year and a half, and was reverent of the material's importance. "WATCHMEN is the holy grail of comic book movies," he said "I'm excited. I agree it is the greatest graphic novel ever written. It was political, dark, conspiratorial and with something really important to say about the world as well as being a fantastic comic book ride."

Casting will allegedly be announced in a couple of months, claiming that the entire cast has to be put together since it's an ensemble work "eight people in it." When talking about Dr. Manhattan, he said, "that's a lot of blue testicles. What a load of blue b--!" Right now the production design is being nailed down, which he called "massive. There's 6 months of construction underway."


Numerous media outlets (including the Comic Reel) attended the all weekend press junket hosted by Warner Brothers, showcasing the Vertigo adaptation. Many have already posted data, including Comics Continuum, who took everything off of the electronic press kit and tossed it up on their site (including 37 still images). Look for more coverage on that this week at the Comic Reel.


Another week, another set of fresh spoilers from Kryptonsite, this time about the prom episode.

On the other side of the aisle, their arch-rivals at Devoted to Smallville have a legion of screen captures from last week's episode, "Unsafe." They also have excerpts from a Dreamwatch article about Lana's tattoo, and pointed us to an article in the Marco Island Sun Times about a fan's chance meeting with Tom Welling during "Unsafe" filming.


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