Sin City, X-Men 3, Superman, Fantastic Four: June 2nd Comic Reel Wrap


Sci Fi Wire caught director Robert Rodriguez at a press junket for another film, and the Texan talked about when he'd be getting back to black and white. "Let's see, 'Sin City 2' we'll be starting to shoot that in January, which means our preproduction will start in February," Rodriguez said. "We will shoot 'A Dame to Kill For' next, and maybe something else. And I don't have the cast set, not yet."


We received an anonymous email which alleges that the press releases Marvel made public regarding Matthew Vaughn's departure from the property were, at best, exaggerations. Our source said, "There is clear word from more than a few sources that there is still no good script for this project. And that certainly Hugh Jackman's people haven't seen anything they've approved yet.Yesterday I was told basically that there 'is not a script.' Also, during the casting process it was made clear that while Matthew Vaughn did have a slight say in casting it was being done by committee and that along with the script issue is one of the reasons he quit." Our source claims that "The 'wanting to spend more time with his family' thing is just (obviously) BS."

Meanwhile, Ain't It Cool News is claiming that the search for a new director is already down to two names: Brett Ratner (the "Rush Hour" movies and who was once linked to the "Superman" project) and John Moore ("Behind Enemy Lines" and "Flight of the Phoenix"). They also allege some pretty spoilerish developments of great significance, so let the buyer beware.


Speaking of Ain't It Cool News, the rumor site had some positive-themed tidbits about the Brandon Routh-fueled DC adaptation, which have huge story-specific spoilers.

In other news, the fourteenth video blog from the set has been posted at Bluetights.net, talking about a friendly game of baseball.


Superhero Hype has the track listing for the movie's soundtrack, including songs by Velvet Revolver, Chingy and Simple Plan.


Creator David Goyer told Sci Fi Wire that he wasn't sure if he'd be involved with any possible Bat-sequels from the same creative team. "I have no idea, and I'm not being coy," Goyer said. "Chris [Nolan] and I have talked about it, but a lot of whether or not I'd come back depends on whether or not Chris comes back. And Chris has not decided. [Nolan] just finished the film a few weeks ago, and it really overtook his life. I don't know if I'd come back if he didn't. I know that Chris is going to take some time and decide whether or not he feels he can come back. But part of me is tempted to just do the one and walk away, you know? There will never be another 'Batman' origin story. So, we'll see. A lot of it is up to Chris."


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