Sin City, V For Vendetta, Ghost Rider, Batman Begins: April 28th Comic Reel Wrap

SIN CITY 2 & 3

JoBlo.com has posted a rumor about when we should expect more of Frank Miller's noirish visions on screen. "Robert Rodriguez will be shooting back to back sequels for 'SIN CITY 2' and '3' starting February of next year for a release presumably summer of 2007. I guess the studio big wigs were satisfied with the commercial and critical appeal of the uber-cool 'SIN CITY' that they jumped on the shooting back to back sequels bandwagon. Further, Rodriguez plans to start shooting a film titled 'CONAN' for Warner Bros. after he's done with the sequels. We're not sure whether 'CONAN' is the same sequel that's been in development for a few years now, Conan O'Brien's scintillating tell-all autobiography or something completely original."


According to Sci Fi Wire, " The Wachowski brothers, who are producing and co-wrote the upcoming film adaptation of Alan Moore's SF graphic novel 'V for Vendetta,' will also direct some second-unit photography for the movie, producer Joel Silver told SCI FI Wire. It's the first film to be directed by Larry and Andy Wachowski since they finished their 'Matrix' trilogy of films. '[The Wachowskis] are shooting a unit as we speak in Berlin,' Silver said. 'It's a very different movie. It has elements of 'The Matrix,' but it's very different.'"


Superhero Hype has news on where shooting will be happening in Melbourne. Their scooper writes, " I received a letter from my boss today from Vengeance Productions stating that on May 2nd, Monday they are going to be filming scenes at night on Lt Collins St from Exhibition St to Swanston Walk. Filming is expected to take place 8pm to 5am. There will be 12 action vehicles parked in various positions on Lt Collins involved in a small pyrotechnic effect of car window shattering and also involving a motorcycle traveling at speed (Ghost Rider's Hell Cycle)."


Apple Computers has the full trailer in glorious QuickTime, available now.


IGN's FilmForce has a video interview (streaming QuickTime) with writer/director David Goyer interviews himself (seriously) and vaguely discusses rumors about a either a fourth Wesley Snipes-fueled sequel or a "Nightstalkers" spinoff.


Dark Horizons has a report from Sydney, Australia, where shooting locations appear to be popping up everywhere. A fan wrote in, "Was on my way home last night when I noticed an unusual number of trucks lining the street. There have been a few TV ads & soapies shot in the area recently, so I assumed it was just another -- that was until I walked past the park at the end of the street and saw trailers, buses and a massive catering tent with about 300 seats. Even more interesting were the 'Lois Lane costume' and 'Lex Luthor' signs posted on the trailers. So either this was an elaborate joke or Superman really was shooting in the street. Turns out this morning on my to work I just *had* to walk past. Thankfully they hadn't shut the street or the sidewalk down (like they did when shooting in the city two weeks ago), so I wandered by and started chatting with an AD having a smoke. They're shooting in an old federation house that's at least 100 years old, and the AD first confirmed that it was Superman Returns and then explained that two rooms in the house suit a pivotal scene in the movie. 'What scene?' I asked. 'I can't say' she replied, but given that the Lois Lane & Lex Luthor wardrobes were hanging just inside the gate, it became clear who was there. 'Where's Kevin Spacey?' I asked. 'I can't say' she said again. 'What about Bryan Singer?' 'I can't say' she said again which kind of jinxed her because then who should walk out of the house -- Bryan Singer. The AD looks back at me and says jokingly 'He's the star of the show.' One interesting thing was Lois Lane's little dog which was being walked at the time. The dog's trainer said Lois has the dog with her in a few scenes -- but then again, it could just be Kate Bosworth's dog. I'm guessing the scene was either inside Luthor's mansion (if he has one) or possibly a room of the Kent farm given the age of the house. Given that Lois Lane is in the scene I'd be more inclined to go with Luthor."


According to Variety (subscription required), Paramount has signed a lucrative, exclusive distribution deal with Marvel for films based on the comic book publisher's remaining characters. According to a Dow Jones report Wednesday night, Marvel has already amassed a half-billion-dollar war chest to make a slate of movies with budgets as high as $180 million, drawing on its remaining 5,000 comic-book characters. Among the first of its superheroes headed for the silver screen: Captain America and Nick Fury. Marvel has never produced a movie on its own until now. To fund its slate Marvel arranged a seven-year $525 million revolving credit facility with Merrill Lynch Commercial Finance Corp., secured against the movie rights to 10 comic-book characters, including Captain America.


The dueling websites are at it again, as Devoted to Smallville has the trailer (Windows Media only) for next week's episode "Ageless," while Kryptonsite has high resolution screen captures.


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