Sin City, Transformers, Victoria's Secret Service, Wonder Woman: March 15th Comic Reel Wrap


If you've had a chance to catch Entertainment Tonight this week, they've been featuring the Frank Miller adaptation, and yesterday's show featured Jessica Alba's striptease (we know, we're sorry, no we don't have it on tape). "Honestly, audiences are going to be blown away," Alba said. "I play an exotic dancer who was kidnapped when she was a kid. If, in her wildest dreams, her knight in shining armor ever comes back, she's ready for him."

Meanwhile, the man himself, Frank Miller chatted with Heidi MacDonald about the core appeal of the stories. "It's going to sound odd," Miller said, "but I think it's the romance. Every Sin City [story] is a romance of some sort. They're very dark and the consequences are bad and they're usually futile, but I think that's at the heart of it. You can't have virtue without sin. What I'm after is having my characters' virtues defined by how they operate in a very sinful environment. That's how you test people."

Finally, we've got a new Bruce Willis action figure. NECA has posted images (here and here) of the new Hartigan figure.


According to the Hollywood Reporter, cribes Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci have been tapped to write the DreamWorks/Paramount live-action adaptation of "The Transformers." Tom DeSanto wrote the screen story that will serve as the basis for the script. Kurtzman and Orci have a two-year, first-look deal to write, direct and produce films for DreamWorks, where they rewrote "The Island." They also rewrote "The Legend of Zorro" and recently finished working on "Mission: Impossible 3." They've also worked extensively on the ABC show "Alias." There's no word on John Rogers' draft of the script.


Variety reports that producer Jeannie Bendel has optioned Victoria's Secret Service, an upcoming comic book series by Darren Davis, and signed a first-look producing deal with Energy Entertainment's Brooklyn Weaver.


Could we get a Joss Whedon/Joel Silver connection this week? Ain't It Cool News thinks so. When asked, "what's going on with Whedon?" Silver allegedly said only, "Two days!"


More from the Australian set of the Marvel adaptation? Well, if you insist ... Superhero Hype has another set report with a photo of Nicolas Cage, without his makeup on, among more new images.


Devoted to Smallville has more than a dozen new images from the recent episode "Lucy."


Comics Continuum caught actor Michael Chiklis on Monday's "Ellen Degeneres Show," where he talked about getting all orange and rocky. It's 60 pounds of latex rubber from the top of your head to the bottom of your feet," Chiklis said. "There's a zipper on the back, with a flap that comes over it, so it can be glued and it can be seamless. And once you're in it, you're in. [Chiklis' wife] nearly fainted when she saw me in it during the first day of the testing because she's a claustrophobe."


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