Sin City, Spider-Man 2, Green Hornet, X-Men 3: March 22nd Comic Reel Wrap


Too many cooks won't spoil this stew -- according to Variety Variety, auteur Robert Rodriguez has resigned from the Directors Guild of America "so that he could co-direct with Frank Miller, a film neophyte who created, wrote and illustrated the three-book graphic novel series on which the movie is based. Rodriguez plans to have Quentin Tarantino direct part of the film, along with Miller and him. Tarantino may be billed as a 'special guest director' or whatever title Rodriguez wants to bestow, now that he's no longer under strict DGA guidelines about who gets behind-the-camera credit. He hardly seemed rattled, for instance, that aside from his DGA defection and welcoming a new baby, he was in the thick of assembling cast for a film that begins shooting in four days. Rodriguez has been talking with the likes of Leonardo DiCaprio, Johnny Depp, Bruce Willis, Steve Buscemi, Brittany Murphy, Christopher Walken and Michael Douglas. All that's certain is that Mickey Rourke will anchor the story segment that will begin shooting Monday. The remaining cast will draw from those who are available for a reasonable price to work a short shift in a cool film."


Marvel's Avi Arad and actor James Franco (who plays Harry Osborn) appeared at last weekend's Wizard World Los Angeles convention (which actually took place in Long Beach), and talked some about the new film (set two years after the close of the first film) as well as the Marvel method. Arad said that the philosophy was "Finding the best art house actors and getting them into this world." He also acknowledged the importance of the franchise, saying ""We never stopped. We finished the first movie as we were starting to work on the second, the same way now we are working on the third." Franco stopped just short of spoiling events in the film when discussing his character. "He can still try to please the ghost of his father by succeeding, but also by trying to avenge his death. I cannot tell you anymore." Arad talked very briefly about thorny issues of rights, ownership and upcoming news. "Captain America is a very similar story to Spider-Man, there were issues with rights, and the rights are unclear, one of these days we'll get into it. Movies start with a script, no script no movie, this is generally about the start. Fantastic four I hope there'll be a director in the next seven days."


Despite only saying that Jake Gyllenhaal was his proposed lead at Wizard World Los Angeles, director Kevin Smith was much more chatty with About.com. "I've got to create one for him. I've got to give him a villain, at least in this one, because having him go after gyp artists doesn't really make for a big action movie. If you listen to the old radio shows, that's what he's always doing is going after mobsters, racketeers and gyp artists. There was one radio show I listened to where he's going after an insurance scam racket, and it's like why do you have to put on a mask to do that? There's nothing really from the run of the comics that I read that I was real fond of. It's just something I've got to create, come up with for the purpose of the movie."


The official site is now online, showing off only a stylized logo to tease fans. Also, producer Charles Roven was interviewed by Zap2It.com, and here's some of the good parts: "The first two weeks of filming 'Batman Begins' have been hampered by 75 mph winds in Iceland, but the crew is moving to London this weekend. Producer Charles Roven says, 'As soon as we set down in Iceland two weeks ago, we were hit with the most crazy weather -- sunny one minute and two hours later a rain storm.' The storms have not delayed production, he adds. Roven also seems very excited about the new design and look for the Batmobile and some of the other gizmos planned for this new Batman film. 'The new Batmobile jumps and flies and turns on a dime! It's a fantastic piece of equipment, and there is no CGI [computer generated imagery] for that. It's a cross between Lamborghini and a Humvee -- not like any of the Batmobiles you've seen before.'"


According to Superhero Hype, "The Son of the Mask is wrapping up production in Sydney, Australia in the next two weeks. They will finishing shooting in Los Angeles with a lot of Blue Screen stuff to shoot. Also, it looks like New Line is trying to incorporate aspects of Jamie Kennedy's show into the film. Jamie K. will be playing several smaller roles as well as the title character." The film will be released from New Line on February 18, 2005.


Superhero Hype also has a note about an Alan Cummings TV appearance, where the actor contradicted Avi Arad's WWLA statements about a May 2006 release. Their report says, "Alan Cumming was on the 'NY Graham Norton' chat show last night here in the UK on Channel 4. Graham began part two of the show by saying 'Now Alan, 'X-Men 3' -- what's happening? Are you in it?' Alan replied yes he was and it was due to be released in 2005 -- so far so good. Then Graham asked him about the makeup and asked 'have they got any good news for you?,' meaning will the make-up be easier. Alan's reply was 'Yes, I spend the whole movie with a bag over my head,' and while Graham and the audience were laughing he followed it with 'or he dies in the first 10 minutes.' More laughter with Graham remarking 'That's the kind of comment that can get you fired, Alan!' Sounds like he's still hung up over the make-up! He also mentioned that he was only contracted for one more film."


IGN's Filmforce has an interview with director Paul Anderson, which also has new photos from the film, said to be "officially in crunch mode" since "principal photography has ended, the boxes of latex and glue have long left Prague, and the U.S. release date of August 6, 2004 looms large in everyone's mind." He revealed that "We just hired a composer called Harald Kloser to do the score. He's a very well known European composer. He did a movie called 'The Thirteenth Floor' that came out a couple of years ago in the states. He just finished the score on 'The Day After Tomorrow,' Roland Emmerich's new picture. It has a phenomenal score; big, epic, as you'd expect from one of Roland's pictures." He also discusses using 40 gallons of gasoline to make an explosion so big nearby airplanes called it in as an emergency.


This very Web site noted Saturday that comic book superstar Brian Michael Bendis reported that Oscar-winner Charlize Theron will star in and produce a silver screen version of his graphic novel "Jinx."


This past weekend at Wizard World Los Angeles, animation guru Paul Dini told fans, "We're doing Krypto as an animated series, we don't have any animation I could show, they wouldn't let me. It's got a really cute, Little Golden Book style to it. We deliberately kind of went to recapture that."


Remember when wrestler Triple H talked to Muscle and Fitness magazine? Well, Superhero Hype has a scanned image of the grappler in action.


Catwoman Unofficial has an excerpt from Total Film magazine, where Halle Berry clarified the relationship of her character with Gotham City's feline fatale. "First of all, she's a totally different character. Her name is Patience Philips, not Selina Kyle, which lets fans know that the film is going to be entirely seperate from BATMAN RETURNS. The biggest difference is that this is Catwoman's film. She's the hero and she doesn't have to rely of Batman, or anyone else ... The costume tells you a lot about the character. Patience is murdered and resurrected by an Egyptian Mao cat, then Patience becomes a cat and is in conflict between her human self and her cat self...the costume reflects that. No, this isn't about Batman. We're telling fans that we're starting brand new with CATWOMAN. The thing about her is that she's so independent, she doesn't need a man to take care of her." The Comic Reel also received wholly unconfirmed rumors that director Pitof and Halle Berry have begin a romantic relationship.


IGN's Filmforce has three new webisodes about the making of the Mike Mignola adaptation.


Kryptonsite has more spoilers for the John Schneider-directed upcoming episode "Talisman."


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