Sin City, Spider-Man 2, Batman Begins: June 19th Comic Reel Wrap


According to Variety, "Green Mile" and "Daredevil" actor Michael Clarke Duncan is joining the star-studded cast of the Frank Miller adaptation.


Can't wait for more looks at the upcoming film? Zap2it.com has posted three video clips (Windows Media and Real formats) under "Movie Clips: Set 1" at the link above.

Additionally, Kirsten Dunst was interviewed over at Superhero Hype where she discussed her evolving role as MJ. "I'm happy with the way she was written. She's not this perfect girl because that's not truthful either. She comes from this messed up family. Her dad is an alcoholic of course she's not going to choose the right guys. I do like the directionŠ I liked the words she had to say and how she reacted to Peter. Sometimes it gets tired when I'm tied up but that's part of it. It's a fantasy too."


Superhero Hype also has the scoop on filming in the Windy City, which is scheduled to be buzzed and filmed. "There will be a helicopter filming shots of the Downtown Skyline on Thursday or Friday, depending on the weather and lighting. Expect to see a green helicopter flying at about 500 feet and changing direction and hovering between approximately 8:00 - 10:00 a.m. and 4:00 - 6:00 p.m. Possible shots may include but won't be limited to following the river, approaching from various angels of the lakefront and from the west."


Steve Younis wrote in to alert us about an interview with Michael Dangerfield, who gives voice to the Canine of Steel's master Kal-El in the upcoming animated series, and reveals how the relationship works. "Krypto is my pet," Dangerfield said, speaking in character. "I have young boy (Kevin) look after him while I am away saving the world." Superman and his normal supporting characters are not intended to be huge parts of the new show. According to Dangerfield, Superman "has only been in the first episode so far, but I expect he'll be back. Lex Luthor is in the show. Other than that I think that's it."


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