Sin City, Smallville, Iron Man, Hellboy 2: Sepember 13th Comic Reel Wrap


A few weeks later than promised, the footage shown at San Diego's Comicon is making its way around the web. The purported 50 MB mp4 file has been seen here by CBR's own Rich Johnston and here by Superhero Hype, but was still unavailable for download at press time.

In more reliable news, Ain't It Cool News has links to three photo collages of screen captures from the aforementioned footage.


The anticipation is heating up for the season premiere, and the network has posted the latest trailer in Real Media format. Our friends at Kryptonsite also have the network's spoiler-esque description for the episode "Gone," and different versions of spoilers for the episode "Jinx" are available at both Kryptonsite and Devoted to Smallville.

The biggest development in the world of "Smallville" is interviews with Al Gough, done by no fewer than four websites (he must have had a busy weekend). Gough talked to not just the usual suspects, feuding websites Kryptonsite and Devoted to Smallville, but just for fun the Superman Homepage and even Comics Continuum got into the act. Topics discussed include spoiling Margot Kidder's role in the season premiere, two previously reported DCU characters coming to Kansas, and even a bit about the producer's involvement ... well, we'll just let that have its own item ...


In his aforementioned interview with Comics Continuum, producer Al Gough thinks getting one star into a suit of armor may be a mission: impossible. "'Iron Man' is circling. They were flirting with Tom Cruise for a while because he's always had an interest in the character. But now he's doing 'War of the Worlds' and 'MI3.' I think they're looking for the right combination to put that movie together. As you know, these things take much longer than any of us like."


Dynamic Forces has a note from Mike Mignola about the in-development sequel. "Mike reported that he had indeed written a new storyline with director Guillermo del Toro and that the studio was pleased with it. While he wouldn't reveal the plot, Mike did say that the sequel would be closer to the comic books in spirit, dealing more with mythology and folklore. 'Hopefully, this will be Guillermo's next movie after the one he's currently working on in Spain,' Mike said."

Meanwhile actress Selma Blair spilled all brand of beans to FilmForce about the sequel, playing Liz Sherman and how the success of the films is affecting her personal life. "I would love to have a child," she said, "but I want to wait until 'Hellboy's' over, because that will be another long, arduous shoot in another country. Unfortunately I don't start that for 25 years ... Yeah, I start that, probably in a year and a half. Guillermo's working on something else, so I'll probably have to wait. But, you know, maybe not, if I got pregnant now. Basically, I'm not pregnant and I don't know when I will be. I'm never not trying though."

Blair has already heard the basic story for the next film. "I talked with Guillermo last week, I was in Europe with him and he told me some of it, but I'm sworn to secrecy. But it's so good, it's so good, I'm so excited, and it's funny." She says that, from what she's heard, the sequel should start right where the first one ended. "I think immediately. I think in the same time."

She also discussed the costuming for her character. "I did the costumes, I didn't physically make them. But yeah, we kinda came together with what I want. I want Liz to be a little bit more controlled and sexier for the second one, so hopefully the wardrobe will look like that."


Actor Ryan Reynolds is back on the "Blade: Trinity" message boards talking about his brush with the merc-with-a-mouth. "I want to make ['Deadpool'] -- but it would have to be a hard 'R' rating and possess a large budget. not the least of which, they'd need an experienced film maker willing to nurture it every step of the way. that's a combination that studios don't just jump all over. However, there's not many comic book films (other than 'BLADE' and I guess 'Punisher') that are willing to go rated R. so, do i think there's room in the market for a grotesquely scarred, morally flexible mercenary with a penchant for wise cracks and hyper-violence? Yup. It's still being talked about, so we'll see ..."


The Hollywood Reporter notes that Paramount Pictures has cut a deal with Archie Comics to bring the character, made popular by Melissa Joan Hart in the TV series, to the big screen. Archie Comics also previously partnered with Miramax Films to develop "Betty & Veronica."


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