Sin City showdown: MorrisonCon vs. Las Vegas Comic Expo

If you're a comics fan, you may want to go to Las Vegas the last weekend of this month. That's where, on Sept. 29 and 30, there will be two competing comic conventions -- Las Vegas Comic Expo and MorrisonCon -- taking place just blocks away from each other. Comic-Con International has seen secondary events like Tr!ckster spring up to take advantage of the annual pilgrimage of fans, but these two Las Vegas conventions were planned without knowing the other would be there.

On MorrisonCon's website, the organizers address this comic culture double-booking by saying the secretive nature of both events made it so they didn't know their dates conflicted until both had signed venue contracts and announced dates.

"We've been secretly working on MorrisonCon at the Hard Rock for just shy of two years," the FAQ on MorrisonCon's website states, "and knowing how much work these things are, they probably have been working on theirs just as long. By the time they knew about us and we knew about them, everybody had venue contracts signed and guests scheduled so there wasn't much that could be done. Fortunately each are both very unique events so thankfully we won't have any competing over vendors or casual walk-in traffic! We think it's exciting to see Vegas getting the convention-love we think it deserves and the Las Vegas Comic Expo looks like a really great event to us. Hopefully we can collaborate with them to make that weekend even more amazing for everyone!"

The potential crossover audience is somewhat limited given how MorrisonCon is selling just 1,000 tickets to the exclusive three-day event, but for those with the budget and the desire it's a unique opportunity.

In addition to limiting the number of people who can attend, MorrisonCon is also keeping the number of creator guests to 10. Grant Morrison is joined by fellow high-profile comics writers Robert Kirkman, Jason Aaron, Jonathan Hickman as well as Morrison collaborators Darick Robertson, Frank Quitely, J.H. Williams III and Chris Burnham. Jim Lee rounds out the list. On Las Vegas Expo's guest list, there are a number of top talents, including some frequent Morrison collaborators David Finch and J.G. Jones. Other top names include Mike Mignola, Adam Hughes, Len Wein and J. Scott Campbell.

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