Sin City: Joe Quesada Draws Frank Miller's Marv

Marvel EVP, Creative Director Joe Quesada has posted a new rendition of Marv from Frank Miller’s iconic Sin City series on Twitter.

Quesada posted to his Twitter an original piece depicting Marv last night, part of The Original Drink and Draw Social Club Livestream. Marv was the breakout character from the Dark Horse series, a violent and mentally unstable brute best remembered through Mickey Rourke’s portrayal of him in the 2005 film directed by Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller. Check out Quesada's take:

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The tweet was shared late last night to help promote The Original Drink and Draw Social Club, an artist community founded by Dave Johnson, Dan Panosian, and Jeff Johnson. Based in Los Angeles, what started as a small gathering of artists has blossomed into a series of events where peers can connect and share their work. The group runs a Facebook page which helps organize these regular meetups at different bars throughout the city and gives participants a place to showcase the work they’ve created while attending. Artists gather there to share in each other's company, artwork, and to have a good drink. The meetups are often themed, with models arriving in different costumes ranging from celebrity look-a-likes to genre-inspired evenings.

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In 2019, the Drink and Draw crew have also begun a livestream, where they grill comic book luminaries while they, of course, drink and draw. It was during this latest livestream that comic artist Quesada appeared, with the main guest being the industry legend Brian Michael Bendis. During this stream, the Drink and Draw folks took the opportunity to have Bendis and Quesada both reflect on their working relationships and their experiences within the industry as a whole.

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There's also a Drink and Draw YouTube channel where viewers can watch past streams, which have included guests such as Adam Kubert, Kevin Smith, Jimmy Palmiotti, Amanda Conner, Cully Hamner and more. Having been around for over 12 years, the group has published two volumes of collected works gathered from the many artists who have participated in the group over since its inception.

Interestingly, a Sin City TV series is currently in the works, so the timing of Quesada's drawing seems perfect.

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