Sin City, Green Hornet, Catwoman, more: April 8th Comic Reel Wrap


Yahoo's Upcoming Movies has some casting news on the Robert Rodriguez-helmed adaptation, offering more high-wattage stars than you can shake a gift basket at. Aside from confirming Mickey Rourke as Marv, it lists Bruce Willis as Hartigan, Carla Gugino as Lucille, Jaime King as Goldie, and Brittany Murphy as Shellie. Also listed without character credits are Johnny Depp, Leonardo DiCaprio, Maria Bello, Kate Bosworth, Steve Buscemi, Benicio del Toro, Michael Douglas, Josh Hartnett, Marley Shelton, Elijah Wood and Christopher Walken. Early shooting with Hartnett and Shelton is already underway.


Mediasharx was on hand when Kevin Smith spoke at the University of Maryland, and mentioned his verdant visions of superhero fun. "They are actively pursuing Jet Li for the role of Kato as had been rumored, but George Clooney is definitely not up for the lead role. It appears that Clooney hasn't been in the running since long before Smith agreed to helm the picture." This backs up our own reporting at Wizard World Los Angeles, where Smith noted he's after Jake Gyllenhaal for the lead role.


Latino Review has two new images from the Halle Berry-fueled feline flick.


Australian fans can get a chance to see director Brett Leonard talk about the upcoming horror adaptation, thanks to Popcorn Taxi. Their site says, "Popcorn Taxi welcomes BRETT LEONARD to a 'fireside chat' about directing action, thriller, fantasy and horror films. After developing a successful working relationship in 'VIRTUOSITY,' BRETT and RUSSELL CROWE later co-produced RUSSELL'S directing debut, the documentary 'TEXAS: Thirty-Odd Foot of Grunts.' The evening will include a Popcorn Taxi style audience Q&A moderated by filmmaker YVES STENING."


iFilm has four clips from the film posted online, including some of the amazing fight scene with Kevin Nash as the Russian. Comingsoon.net is kicking off a week of interviews leading up to the blood-soaked premiere, with writer/director Jonathan Hensleigh (who notes references to "Othello," "From Russia With Love" and "Mad Max" in his creative process) and producer Gail Anne Hurd (who notes that this film was shot for less than $40 million and how easy a sequel would be to get greenlighted) up first.

Speaking of sequel talk, Thomas Jane talked to Skewed and Reviewed about just that. "We are going to do at least one more," Jane said, "and I knew this going in and wanted to make sure I enjoyed this idea and would not think I was saddled with a sequel. I wanted to be challenged and explore the line between right and wrong, as this is not often done in films today, as he is an anti-hero. I want to make a future film as relevant and real as the first one and further films after that would be based on how I felt about the second one."


Kryptonsite has both a screen capture gallery and a Windows Media version of the new trailer for next Wednesday's new episode, "Legacy," guest starring Christopher Reeve. They also have three new images from upcoming episode "Truth." Meanwhile, Kryptonsite engages in their regular battle of spoilers with archfoe Devoted to Smallville, whereas both post different sets of spoilers to episodes like "Talisman" and season finale "Covenant" (KS keeps theirs all on one page, "Talisman," "Covenant"). Finally, everybody's favorite Canucks chime in with photos shot on the set during the season finale.


According to Wizard Magazine, Marvel's Kevin Feige said "our favorite characters. It'll definitely find its way to the screen in the near future."


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