Sin City, Ghost Rider, Batman Begins, Spider-Man 3: March 4th Comic Reel Wrap


The final poster for the Frank Miller adaptation has been released (which, admittedly, is comprised mainly of images from the preview posters arranged in a pretty order, without sorting out the differences in lighting), and Superhero Hype has it.


Speaking of Superhero Hype, they have another set report from Melbourne. Their scooper writes, "I've just been from the Little Lonsdale Street set for Ghost Rider, where tonight they were shooting exterior shots of the factory (which haven't been seen on any of the photos leaked online). This factory is metallic, and basically just a left-handed side view of a factory. The circus tour bus (seen on this site some time past) was there in the alley, driving back and forth. The design of the bus is identical to the stunt cycle, by the way. There weren't any of the cast there tonight but I did see Mark Steven Johnson. Also an orange motorcycle, and what looked like a pick-up truck being driven around next to the factory." Also, according to The Actor's Cafe, their CEO Matt Norman has joined the cast in an unspecified role.


USA Today has a big spotlight on the Christopher Nolan-directed Bat flick, which talks about the tone and feel of the film. "Banished are Bat nipples, hammy villains and a comic-book hero adrift in his own adventures. Nolan ignores the four predecessors that began with 1989's Batman to expose his avenger's dark roots. 'To tackle an icon who has never been explained before is a tremendous opportunity,' says the British director, who watched the campy '60s TV series as a kid. 'It's a mythic story that draws upon Hamlet and The Count of Monte Cristo.' How does Nolan hope to compete with the state-of-the-art feats in the Spider-Man films? 'The strength of Batman is his reality,' he explains. 'He's a guy without superpowers. Bruce Wayne uses detection, psychology and martial arts. Any one of us can be him.'"


Animation director Anthony LaMolinara talked to MTV about restrictions for ol' Web-head in the third film. "The character Spider-Man, each time, is something you have to develop," LaMolinara said. "It's a learning curve. Whereas, when you get a new character you're going to put all of the bells and whistles you can on him. And it has to [be like that] - Spider-Man can't take too big of a leap. No pun intended."


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