Frank Miller’s Sin City Is Being Reinvented as TV Series

Following two big screen adaptations, writer/artist Frank Miller's neo-noir graphic novel series Sin City is headed to television.

According to Deadline, Legendary Television has closed a deal with Miller to turn Sin City into a television series. Moreover, Robert Rodriguez is reportedly in talks to return to the franchise as well. Miller and Rodriguez co-directed the 2005 film Sin City and its 2014 sequel Sin City: A Dame to Kill For.

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Both Miller and Rodriguez are expected to serve as executive producers on Legendary's new television series -- though it is unclear if they will also return to c0-direct. Stephen L’Heureux -- one of the producers on A Dame to Kill For -- and Silenn Thomas --who runs Miller's production company -- will also produce.

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Miller's deal with Legendary reportedly guarantees at least one season for the Sin City television show, provided they are also able to strike a deal television network or streaming platform. The deal also calls for an "hard-R" Sin City animated prequel series based on the original comics.

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The film and television rights to Sin City previously belonged to the Weinstein Company -- which was once developing a Sin City TV series of its own. In the wake of the company's bankruptcy, however, Miller reacquired the on-screen rights to the property in the summer of 2018 -- which has apparently lead to this new deal with Legendary.

Written and illustrated by Frank Miller, the Sin City series of graphic novels; comic book limited series; and one-shots was originally published by Dark Horse Comics from 1991 to 2000. Miller and Rodriguez's first film adaptation from 2005 proved rather popular, earning $158.8 million at the box office against a $40 million budget (though the 2014 sequel was far less successful.)

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