Sin City, Elektra, V for Vendetta, Nightstalkers: January 6th Comic Reel Wrap


What's that? You'd like a new photo of Jessica Alba, prancing around in that cowgirl outfit? Well, if you insist. Sassy!


Comics Continuum has a series of newly-released still photos from the oh-so-close Jennifer Garner-fueled action film. They also feature quotes from actor Will Yun Lee.

Also, according to Superhero Hype, Garner isn't actually suffering from a viral infection as previously believed, but nerve damage from a stunt performed on her hit ABC series "Alias." Nevertheless, she plans to attend the premiere in Las Vegas on Saturday.


Superhero Hype is also reporting that Warner Brothers made it official: Natalie Portman will star as the Evey Hammond character in the Alan Moore adaptation. Comics Continuum has a look at the teaser poster, which seems to indicate this film is on the fast track.


Creature Corner caught up with New Line Cinema's Toby Emmerich to ask about the status of the "Blade: Trinity" spinoff. "There are no plans right now for a Nightstalkers film until I see how well Blade: Trinity does on video," Emmerich said. The $65 million-budgeted "Blade: Trinity" has earned only $70.8 million worldwide so far, compared to the $131.2 million earned by "Blade" and $155 million earned by "Blade II."


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