Sin City, Elektra, The Crow, Smallville: Comic Reel Wrap for November 8


Ain't It Cool News has two cool new posters from the upcoming Frank Miller adaptation, including a hirsute and gun-toting Bruce Willis and a nummy close-up of Rosario Dawson.


About.com has an interview with actors Will Yun Lee (Kirigi) and Natassia Malthe (Typhoid Mary) at the L.A. premiere of "The Polar Express," where they briefly discussed their characters. About the kiss with Jennifer Garner, Malthe said, " It was okay. I had bronchitis. I was not sick the whole entire time and then the very two days of the kissing scene, I had bronchitis. So I used Listerine between every shot. But it was fun and Jennifer was lovely to work with."


Like the title character, this project just won't die. Photographer Fred Hayes has a new photo of Edward Furlong as Jimmy Cuervo. It is believed that the film, also starring David Boreanaz, Tara Reid, and Dennis Hopper, is headed straight to DVD/Video.


The battling websites are back at it, with new photos from upcoming episode "Bound" at Kryptonsite. Devoted to Smallville responds by posting a deluge of screen captures from last week's episode "Jinx." Just for fun, Comics Continuum chimes in with three photos (one, two, three) of Erica Durance at Wizard World Texas.


Also according to Comics Continuum, Top Cow's Matt Hawkins said, "Witchblade" is now being developed as a feature film, with director Chuck Russell attached. The film is not set up at a studio yet, Hawkins. It will be a separate entity from the TNT television series. Witchblade is being developed for animation in Japan. The character is being developed as a television series by Gonzo Digimation, the third-largest anime company in Japan. Twenty-six episodes will be produced. "They were really aggressive about coming to us," Hawkins said. This version of Witchblade probably won't feature Sara Pezzini, but another wielder of the blade.


Speaking of Comics Continuum and "blades," they caught the Wizard World Texas panel on the pending Wesley Snipes-fueled vampire sequel, where David Goyer, Jessica Biel and Ryan Reynolds talked about characters and the like. Goyer said, "Abigail's in the place where Blade was in the first movie. She's just emotionally shut down and all she cares about is killing. She doesn't have time for a boyfriend. She just wants to kill, kill, kill -- that's where she's at." Biel responded, "She's strong and smart. I loved her because she's equal with the guys. She can kick ass -- a vampire killing machine. I kind of think of her as the leader the Nightstalkers."


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