Sin City 2, The Avengers, RoboCop: April 13th Comic Reel


I think this one has been on the horizon since I started working at CBR, but, as we reported yesterday, the long-awaited sequel is finally moving forward. "I have wanted to re-team with Frank Miller and return to the world he created since the day we wrapped the original," said co-director Robert Rodriguez. "But have felt a duty to the fans to wait until we had something truly exceptional that would meet and exceed what have become epic expectations. 'A Dame to Kill For' will certainly be worth the wait." Production is expected to begin this summer with the second 'Sin City' tale serving as an anchor for two other hard boiled crime yarns in the mold of the original film.

Release date: TBA


Ready for some more "Avengers" premiere stuff? Here we go! First, Samuel L. Jackson talks with MTV News about Nick Fury and his favorites scenes in the film:

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Meanwhile, positive buzz is coming in for the film from the likes of "Scott Pilgrim vs. The World" director Edgar Wright, who posted the following to his Twitter feed: "'The Avengers' is a big tub of popcorn heaven. A huge grin on my face throughout and much applause from the crowd too. Well done Mr. Whedon." Meanwhile, "Prometheus" writer Damon Lindelof opines, "The Hulk we have been waiting for has at last arrived. #AvengersFuckYeah"

While the film premiered the other night, it seems the job isn't over for the assembled Avengers. Citing multiple sources, Spinoff Online reports the team shot one last scene later that night. It began with Robert Downey Jr. saying they were shooting one last scene and director Joss Whedon denying the claim. Later, Mark Ruffalo confirmed the shoot for The Playlist saying, "All I know is that someone came in with the costume and said, 'Here's some wardrobe. We don't know where you're going to be or what you're doing.' ... I'm like, 'All right, when are we doing that?' Today after we're done [at the premiere]."

Finally today, if you're in need of twenty or so minutes of behind-the-scenes footage, Superhero Hype's got you covered. Here's part one:

Directed by Joss Whedon & starring everybody, release date: May 4th, 2012


According to The Tracking Board (via Comic Book Movie), actors like Edward Norton, Gael Garcia Bernal, Rebecca Hall and Sean Penn are "circling" the project. While Norton is expected to play the OCP mastermind behind the RoboCop project and Penn a right-wing news reporter, Hall is being eyed to play Murphy's wife. Most interesting is Bernal's possible role: Jack Lewis, "Alex's dashingly handsome police partner who eventually begins a relationship with Hall's character." So I guess Murphy's partner is no longer a woman? While the actors they mention may eventually pass on the project, the nature of the characters will likely stay the same. Well, provided that any of this information is accurate.

Of course, if Anne Lewis started a relationship with Murphy's wife, there could be interesting complications for the Future of Law Enforcement.

Release date: TBA


Collider has a pretty comprehensive interview with Marvel Studios chief Kevin Feige about the next phase of Marvel movies. Here are some highlight: "Thor 2" starts filming in a few months and will focus on the relationships between Thor and Jane and Thor and Odin. Edgar Wright has not filmed anything for Marvel yet, but Feige suggests watching the director's Twitter feed as "that might change." By Comic-Con, the film slated for Marvel's May 2014 release slot will be revealed. He also indicates that we may get some news on the 2015 slate as well.

Release date: Various through 2014


According to The Hollywood Reporter, the IDW graphic novel has found a home at Warner Bros. with Dwayne Johnson set to star. They describe the project as "'Men in Black' with mythological creatures."

Release date: TBA


As Spinoff Online reported yesterday, "Sabrina the Teenage Witch" is getting a feature film reboot. The project aims to take the character into more of a superhero mode with an "ediger" (oh, that word!) script from Andrew Barrer & Gabriel Ferrari. But worry not! Salem the talking cat will make it to the big screen ... granted he'll be a "transformed prince."

Release date: TBA


Word comes from Nuke The Fridge that the "Joe" sequel is playing to preview audiences with two different endings. I'm pretty sure one of them has already leaked to YouTube:

Yes, I will take any excuse to post that video.

Release date: June 29th, 2012


Cue up some "Rock Band" and get me a rum drink -- it's the birthday weekend for me! I'll be observing it with a traditional night of fake instruments, Al Pacino and, hopefully, a Cookie Puss. Yeah, that's how we roll.

Meanwhile, got any rampant rumors or weird comic book stuff? Be sure to drop us an email or sling us a webline on Twitter!

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