Sin City 2, Superman Returns 2, Stardust, Transformers: November 6th Comic Reel Wrap


The latest rumor from cinemaphile blog Film Ick says that there's trouble in Frank Miller's noirish metropolis. "'Sin City 2' has been postponed indefinitely and insiders close to the project suggest it may not go ahead at all, at any time," the blog says. "Rumors have begun surfacing that Angelina Jolie is pregnant again (possibly all spawned by the issue of Star magazine that is pictured above), and indeed this may be a contributing factor. Apparently, Robert Rodriguez was holding off for her, wishing to cast her in the key role of Ava Lord, the 'Dame to Kill For.' Supposing she has recently let the production know that she won't be available, the sudden shut down seems like quite a logical course of action, at least to regroup and consider the next move. Other tattletales suggest that Rodriguez has just grown tired of the whole 'Sin City' thing, or more pointedly, has suffered so many disagreements with Frank Miller -- who can reputedly be rather arrogant about and controlling of his creation -- that 'Sin City' isn't anywhere he wants to visit again. Is it possible that Rodriquez will extricate himself from the production and eventually, a second 'Sin City' movie will be direct by Frank Miller alone?"


Actor Brandon Routh was interviewed by Rotten Tomatoes about his thoughts looking forward. "Bryan [Singer] said at Comic-Con they were going to add some more fighting elements and stuff like that," said Routh. "That might be kind of interesting to throw some punches or throw something, I don't know, a little more active. I think I've got a while. We probably won't start for another at least six months. They've got to get things written so I'm still in the gym. I still work out a little bit but certainly not as much as I had been."

Speaking of the sequel, a rumor from Moviehole says, "For those that think the villain in 'Superman Returns II' will be General Zod -- think again. It's someone you havenÕt seen before -- and they wanna cast big!"


Right here at CBR we have an interview with creators Neil Gaiman and Charles Vess.


It wasn't all hugs from Goldbug for actor Shia LeBeouf. "It was like war," he told Rotten Tomatoes. "I've never been in that much pain in my life, emotionally, physically. It was just a hard movie to make." LeBeouf is out of the loop on post production. "I think it's going to be good," he said. "Who knows? I'm not involved like that. It's not a 'come visit the editing room' kind of relationship. I know that what we've shot, I've seen dailies, looks nuts but I don't know how the assemblage is going to be."


There's a note at Superhero Hype that says eagle-eyed fans can check the new trailer on MTV next week. Apparently, there's a commercial advertising that the brand new, never before seen, Spider-Man 3 trailer is debuting next Thursday at 10PM on MTV during the new episode of "Real World/Road Rules Challenge: The Duel."


Getting back into the rumor mix, Batman on Film has a scooper claiming to have some casting data on the sequel. "Ethan Hawke may be up for a role in the film. Naturally, I asked him 'What part?Õ He says 'A lawyer, I think.' I figure 'A lawyerÕ is Harvey Dent, perhaps?"


While we're in Gotham City, let's get animated. Superhero Report has a sneak peek at some screen captures from the upcoming episode "The Breakout" showing the animated debut of The Black Mask.


Oliver Queen's taking over -- from screen captures of an extended trailer (which you can see the trailer itself at the official site). Note that Clark is in the background in a new promotional poster at Devoted to Smallville, while you can catch a podcast interview with original Aqauaman actor Alan Ritchson.


If you check out this link, you can find out more information about the online charity auction hosted by the show, with all proceeds goibng to benefit actor Greg Grunberg's charity, the Pediatric Epilepsy Project.


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