Sin City 2, Punisher 2, Painkiller Jane, Wanted: April 6th Comic Reel Wrap


A scooper at Superhero Hype caught director Robert Rodriguez on PBS' "The Charlie Rose Show" where it was revealed that the sequel "would probably begin shooting in June and that Sin City would probably continue in some form on television."


In the PDF of Northern Illinois University Magazine, it notes that alumni, Kurt Sutter -- who's a producer, writer and director of "The Shield" -- is currently working on a sequel for the Thomas Jane-fueled action film.


IGN has a video sneak preview of the Sci Fi Network series.


Co-creator J.G. Jones talked to Comics Alliance and said, "Well, we do have the perfect director in Timur Bekmambetov. Just check out his Russian films, 'Night Watch' and 'Day Watch,' if you are worried about not having enough violence, humor, and visual style to suit you. I expect more than one boot to greet teeth in this film, but that could just be a thing of mine."


A TV show based on the Busiek/Anderson masterpiece? Almost happened, said Graham Yost in an interview right here on CBR.


We got an email from Michael Farah, who interviewed The Haitian (actor Jimmy Jean-Louis) for Cheap Pop. Jean-Louis talked about his characters, er, lack of talking. "I was excited about the mystery and then it started to be annoying. People would see the first two shows and then say, ÔWhoa, man, you don't talk. What's wrong with you? It's not good, it's not fair the way they're treating you.' So finally on episode 11, when I started to speak, I was very, very pleased. It was a nice twist for all the people that thought I would never speak ... From the very beginning, I knew I was going to be speaking, so it was part of the plan. I knew I was going to be going away with Claire [Hayden Panettiere], and I knew I was going to betray HRG, Mr. Bennett [Jack Coleman]. And that's it. At this point, I don't know where they're going with the story and I don't know what they're going to be doing with the Haitian."


The official movie blog has been updated with producer Grant Curtis talking about the "Goblin-Lair."

Actor Topher Grace is quoted at Sci Fi Wire talking about how he enjoyed taking on villainy. "There's a lot of freedom with a bad guy," Grace said. "When you're a protagonist, whenever you go a certain distance away from the center, ... a bell goes off, because you have a responsibility to the audience to be very real. So they can kind of relate to you. But when you're a bad guyÑespecially when you're me, who's kind of a psycho alien from outer spaceÑ ... like, the bell doesn't go off as many times."


Kryptonsite has the official network description for the April 26th episode, "Nemesis."


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