Sin City 2, Fantastic Four 2, Superman Returns, X-Men 3: September 22nd Comic Reel Wrap


While promoting her new film "Into The Blue," actress Jessica Alba gave IGN's FilmForce the dish on sequel plans for her. As for "FF," when asked about what might happen for Sue Storm, she said the character would be "Married. I think they need to get married. I know what the first 20 minutes of the movie are gonna be. It's really cool. They're getting married. Maybe I'm giving away too much, but yeah."

As for sliding back into the leather chaps, she was less detailed. "Robert talked to me about 'Sin City' ... I had dinner with Frank and he kind of told me what he thinks is going to happen with Nancy. It's really cool. It's something that he's writing. My commitments are 'Sin City' and 'Fantastic Four.' If they ask me to do them, those are two things that I absolutely [will do]..."


Warner Brothers accountants are probably crying out "Great Caesar's Ghost!" according to News.com. "The revisioned Superman tale, filming at Sydney's Fox Studios, could well be the most expensive film of all time ... director Bryan Singer acknowledged its budget is approaching $326 million -- that would top 'Titanic's $250 million and 'Waterworld's $225 million."


Following up on a tidbit we reported on September 13th (we were en fuego that day), the latest news from the set is posted at Hollywood North Report, discussing the massive replica Golden Gate Bridge that was constructed in Vancouver.

Meanwhile, The XVerse has posted an interview with screenwriter Zak Penn, who talks about how much freedom he had in creating the story. "It certainly isn't a blank slate. You have to try to keep telling the stories that were being told. There is certainly room for invention, but when a franchise is as respected and beloved as 'X-Men,' you don't go in trying to turn it on its head. By the way, people seem to conflate dark events occurring with changing the tone, which isn't accurate. 'X-Men' has always been more serious and somber than other titles, that gives it much of its gravity."


There's new screen grabs of the animated antagonists for Bruce Wayne this season, all ready for you over at the Batman: Yesterday, Today and Beyond message boards. Gearhead! Toymaker! Maxie Zeus! Hup!


Just checking to see if you were paying attention. This news item does not exist.


There's a quartet of video interviews over at IGN's FilmForce in both Windows Media and glorious QuickTime (the smallest file is 21.8 MB, so be warned of download times).


Kryptonsite has a first look at the new opening titles for this season, and has revealed that the actor playing Nam-Ek in the season premiere is "Drumline" veteran Leonard Roberts.


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