A Simpsons Producer Just Noticed a Major 23-Year-Old Mistake

Simpsons-And Maggie Makes Three

A longtime writer/producer of The Simpsons just caught a pretty obvious error from an episode released 23 years ago.

Matt Selman was apparently watching "And Maggie Makes Three" when he noticed something strange. In the Season 6 episode, Homer recounts how Marge became pregnant with Maggie and he gave up his dream job to accommodate his expanding family. But during a flashback to a pregnant Marge, there's a photo of Maggie hanging on the living room wall. The continuity error went unnoticed by the crew and apparently most audiences for a solid 23 years.

Maggie is in photo on wall behind Marge telling Homer she’s pregnant with Maggie pic.twitter.com/uckWDl8qWp

— Matt Selman (@mattselman) September 5, 2018

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Selman joined The Simpsons in 1997, and has remained a strong presence on the series ever since. The animated comedy reached a historic milestone this past season by surpassing Gunsmoke in the total number of episodes. Currently sitting at 639 episodes, The Simpsons is one of the most influential television series of all time, and is expected to continue on at least until season 31.

The Simpsons returns Sept. 30 for its 30th season.

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