Simpsons Comics To End After 25 Years, With Bongo's Future Unclear

Simpsons Comics #245

Simpsons Comics, the 25-year-old flagship title of Matt Groening's Bongo Comics, will end in October with its 245th issue. this October.

The news was announced last week at Comic-Con International, and confirmed Thursday on the company's Facebook page.

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"It’s a heartfelt series farewell from your pals at Bongo," the publisher stated. "A tale of twists, turns, irradiated missteps, and surprise cameos that will have your head spinning, bosom heaving and wallet screaming to be emptied! We hate to say goodbye, so let's just leave it at 'Smell ya later!'”

Simpsons Comics #245

At the same time as that announcement, Bongo's other major title, SpongeBob Comics, is taking "an extended break," leading to speculation about the future of the company.

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Debuting in 1993, Simpsons Comics has told stories that might not have worked on the animated series, as well as sequels to events depicted on television. The title also launched a few spinoffs, most notably an ongoing Bart Simpson series that ended in 2016, and Treehouse of Horror, released annually as a Halloween special.

Simpsons Comics #245 and SpongeBob Comics #85 go on sale Oct. 17.

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