Simpsons Comics #118 Review

Every issue of Simpsons illustrated by Phil Ortiz is undoubtably going to look good, especially when he is inked by the great Mike DeCarlo.

Therefore, my criteria is quite simple - would this issue be good enough to be an episode of the TV show?

And for this issue, Ian Boothby is well up to that challenge, and THEN some, as this issue's story is BETTER than most Simpsons episodes!

The concept of the issue is simple, a group of lonely single Springfield community members (namely, Principal Skinner, Kurt Van Houten, Comic Book Guy and Patty) get out of their doldrums by starting an extreme stunt club. The only problem is, as they become famous due to their extreme stunts, they become less lonely, and when the become less lonely, they lose their interest in doing the extreme stunts - a decidedly dangerous situation to be in when they are doing an extremely dangerous skydiving stunt soon!!! Can Lisa and Bart save them in time?

That is the plot, but that is not the driving force of the issue - that is all the funny jokes sprinkled non-stop throughout the comic. Boothby doesn't let up, he just keeps the jokes coming, and they are GOOD jokes, too!

My favorite one is when Kurt not only doesn't pay his child support, but he also takes the family car - to which Milhouse exclaims, "Wow, he's an EXTREME deadbeat dad!"


Mixed into the story is Homer's sadness over not being allowed in the club (as he is married).

I would recommend this issue without reservation!

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