Simone's 'Night Nurse' shelved

Friday Marvel outlined projects coming out in coming months from their MAX line, but conspicuously missing from the list was any mention of "Night Nurse," a previously announced mini-series to be helmed by Gail Simone and Jill Thompson. Curious fans on the Warren Ellis forum asked MAX editor Stuart Moore about the omission. Moore responded today by announcing the book has been put on the back burner for now.

"Since a few people have asked, I should mention that "Night Nurse" has been shelved for the time being," Moore posted to the Warren Ellis Forum. "Various creative differences too tangled to get into. Sorry about that -- but I'm talking with Gail about something else already."

Series writer Gail Simone was obviously disappointed by the decision and shared her thoughts with fans on the You'll All Be Sorry forum here at CBR.

"Yes, I'm off the book, and I think Jill Thompson is as well," said Simon. "One of the best things about this was getting to meet and chat with Jill a little bit, and find out she's every bit as wonderful as you'd expect from reading 'Scary Godmother.' One of the most awful is that I won't get to see her gorgeous art on the book. Jill liked what I was doing, liked the story, and has raised the hope that we can do something fun together somewhere else."

While Simone's obviously saddened by the decision, she understands the business side of things and is ready to move on.

"...Marvel has needs beyond just making comics that their creators really like, and eventually, there was a decision to shelve the book. I wish Marvel and whoever does the actual book the very best of luck with it."

Don't cry for Simone, though, she's got plenty of projects to keep her busy. Simone's debut on "Deadpool #65" hits store shelves March 27th. In addition to "Deadpool" Simone fans can also find stories by her in Bongo Comics' "Simpsons Comics" and "Bart Simpson Comics," the upcoming "Kink" coming from Oni plus projects for both DC Comics and Marvel, both too early to announce.

"I'm very very sorry people who had been waiting for ['Night Nurse'] won't be getting it, and I can't say how much I've appreciated all the support and enthusiasm. All I can say is I'm putting my very best efforts into several books in the coming year -- things I hope you'll like just as much."

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