Simone exits 'Agent X'

[Agent X #2]Confirming rumors first reported in Rich Johnston's Lying In The Gutters here at CBR, Gail Simone announced that she has indeed walked off the Marvel Comics title "Agent X" on her You'll All Be Sorry forum here at CBR.

"Yes, a couple weeks ago, I did give my notice as writer of 'Agent X,'" revealed Simone. "It's roughly the last thing in the world I wanted to do, but unfortunately, after much much consideration and without going into specifics, it was a necessary step.

Simone went on to share her love for the book and her appreciation towards those she worked with on the title. She also confirmed she's written scripts up through issue seven.

"Issue six ends the first big arc of 'Agent X,' and number seven is a nice epilogue/standalone that I don't think you'll want to miss, as it's really bent and weird, and has my goodbye to the characters."

Simone did not go into specifics why she left the title. To read her full response, click here.

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