Simone and Benes reunite for new <i>Birds of Prey</i> series

DC Comics announced this morning that writer Gail Simone and artist Ed Benes will reunite this spring to launch a new Birds of Prey series.

Simone and Benes took over the series, which centers on Oracle and a roster of superheroines ranging from Black Canary and Huntress to Big Barda and Lady Blackhawk, in 2003. Benes left the title two years later, but Simone continued her run until July 2007.

Birds of Prey was canceled in February 2009 with Issue 127 during DC's shakeup of the Batman titles.

The relaunched series will see the return of Black Canary, who left at the team at the end of Simone's tenure.

"... Even if you've read every previous BoP issue multiple times, I think you're going to really feel the ground shift a little with this. It's going to be a blast," Simone tells Comics Alliance. "It's Black Canary putting her boot in bad guys' faces and the Huntress taking no *&^% from anyone and Oracle being smarter than anyone else in Gotham. That's what I loved about the book in the first place.

"... It's classic Birds of Prey but maybe just a little tougher and a little naughtier. I've been given some really surprising approvals and I think long-time readers and newbies will find it quite unlike any other comic on the stands. I've always said the secret of the book is that it's a female buddy cop story, basically, and that is a surprisingly rare thing in all media."

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