Simon Pegg Toys With Fans, Teases the Return of <i>Spaced</i>

Simon Pegg got Spaced fans all, well, a-Twitter last night with a single comment on the social-media platform.

The actor, whose latest collaboration with director and co-writer Edgar Wright and co-star Nick Frost The World's End arrives Aug. 23, recently dyed his hair blond, sparking speculation among his Twitter followers. In an apparent effort to put all the question to rest, Pegg tweeted, "It's for Spaced, series 4. We decided to skip 3 because we said we wouldn't do it so many times, we didn't want to be hypocritical."

That was followed by, "I'm deadly serious guys, we're not doing a season 3." And then, "I'm sorry to toy with your emotions. If it's any consolation, Mark Heap, Julia Deakin and Michael Smiley are all in The World's End. #spaced"

Airing from 1999 to 2001 on the U.K.'s Channel 4, Spaced starred co-creators Pegg and Jessica Stevenson as two London 20-somethings who meet while apartment-hunting and decide to pose as a professional couple to meet the requirements for a cheap flat in an apartment building owned by Deakin's character. Frost, Heap, Smiley and Katy Carmichael also appeared in the series, which was directed by Wright.

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