Sim, Vess, Gaiman & Bisley Launch Second Round of Tsunami Relief Auctions

Official Press Release

TORONTO, CANADA – With the first round of auctions raising over $13,000 for the Canadian and U.S. Red Cross, it's safe to say that we've already achieved a huge success! But there's still a lot of work to do, and a lot of money to be raised. So we have begun the second round of auctions at ebay.com! This time out we're happy to feature new art from Dave Sim, Simon Bisley (based on a story and donated by Neil Gaiman), and a collaborative effort between Charles Vess and Jeff Smith!

The auctions all began with a fax from Dave Sim, stating that he wanted to auction off some of his art to assist in the relief efforts after the devastating Tsunami that hit Southeast Asia, and he wanted his fellow comics creators to join in. After a year of very successful auctions of Sim's work, all involved decided that a lot of money could be raised for a very good cause.

Here is a run down of the pieces currently available for auction:

This painting features probably the second-most popular character in the 300-issue run of Cerebus (the most-popular being Cerebus himself), Lord Julius, as well as one of his doppelgangers. This ornate piece of artwork is from one of these series' most enjoyed stories, so we're hoping that between that and the market's hunger for original Cerebus art, we'll be able to raise a bunch of money for the Red Cross!

From Neil Gaiman:

"This was the painting Simon Bisley did in 1989 to show a slightly dubious DC Comics that he could do Batman. It was for a project (Batman: The Night Circus) that Simon and I were doing for DC Comics, which never happened. DC, though, were convinced by the painting that Simon would be an amazing Batman artist -- and given the Batman Judge Dredd book he did, they were right.

"Simon gave me the painting, and I had it framed, and have treasured it ever since, but feel that it can do more good out in the world for Tsunami relief than it could on my wall, or at DreamHaven."

One of only three artists to tell stories set in the BONE universe, Charles Vess teamed with Bone creator Jeff Smith to tell the story of ROSE, a high-fantasy adventure that revealed the origin of beloved Bone character "Grandma Ben". Based on layouts by Smith, Vess realized the valley in stunning illustrations and coloured ink washes. A truly spectacular piece of art featuring a battle between Grandma Ben and a dragon.

All proceeds from these auctions will be donated to the U.S. or Canadian Red Cross.

The current list of auctions can be viewed at:

The Beguiling Books and Art is not taking any fees for running these auctions, and is covering all expenses generated by the auctions so that the full amount of the winning bid goes directly to The Red Cross.

For more information about the auctions visit http://www.beguiling.com.

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