<b>Sim, Smith, Gaiman &amp; Bisley Team-Up For Tsunami Relief Auction</b>

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TORONTO, CANADA - It all began with a fax from Dave Sim, stating that he wanted to auction off some of his art to assist in the relief efforts after the devastating Tsunami that hit Southeast Asia, and he wanted his fellow comics creators to join in. After a year of very successful auctions of Sim's work, all involved decided that a lot of money could be raised for a very good cause.

"We're very happy to be running these auctions for Dave," said Peter Birkemoe, the owner of The Beguiling Books and Art in Toronto Canada. "Over the past year we've had the pleasure to auction off many rare pieces of Dave & Gerhard's Cerebus art for some truly impressive sums. I have a feeling that these brand new cover illustrations and paintings are going to shatter our previous auction records, and raise a lot of money for The Red Cross."

Joining Dave Sim in these series of auctions is BONE creator Jeff Smith, and SANDMAN and MIRRORMASK creator Neil Gaiman. Though Dave Sim has had some very public disagreements with these creators over the years, that they've all come together to donate some very rare work is a testament to the importance of this auction.

Here is a run down of the pieces currently available for auction:

* CEREBUS #81 cover painting by Dave Sim

This amazing painted cover by Sim features his character Cerebus, as well as the popular character "The Roach" in his "Secret Sacred Wars" persona. We know that Sim's original art has fetched handsome prices over the past year, so we're hoping this piece raise a lot of money for charity. This is the first of several pieces of art from Sim that will be auctioned in aid of Tsunami Relief efforts.

* BONE Original Cover Art by Jeff Smith

There's very little original art by Bone creator Jeff Smith available on the market, which makes this popular cover illustration by Smith for Hero Illustrated a very rare piece indeed!

* BONE Colour Cover Art by Jeff Smith and David Reed

Beautiful airbrushed colours mark this interesting piece. A glimpse into the production and creative process, and a unique piece of original art!

* BONE Rare Artist's Proof Edition of the BONE: ONE VOLUME HC

The sold-out and hotly-demanded Bone: One Volume Edition hard cover was the hottest title at 2004's San Diego Comic Con, and was one of the holiday's hottest sellers! Artist Jeff Smith made a special limited-run of less than 100 "Artist's Proof" copies to give away to friends and family, and now you can own a copy and help raise money for a great cause at the same time!

IN ADDITION, there are several more pieces going to be made available in the coming weeks, including several more pieces from Sim and a very rare art donation from Neil Gaiman:


Produced as a piece of concept art for a planned Batman collaboration between author Neil Gaiman and painter Simon Bisley, this is Simon Bisley's first-ever Batman painting, preceding his work on the popular BATMAN/JUDGE DREDD series by a number of years. This piece will be made available for auction on or around Monday January 24th, 2005.

All proceeds from these auctions will be donated to the U.S. or Canadian Red Cross.

The current list of auctions can be viewed at:

The Beguiling Books and Art is not taking any fees for running these auctions, and is covering all expenses generated by the auctions so that the full amount of the winning bid goes directly to The Red Cross.

For more information about the auctions visit http://www.beguiling.com.

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