Silver titles announced for Free Comic Book Day 2011

Organizers have announced the Silver titles for Free Comic Book Day 2011, which include everything from kids' comics to television and movie tie-ins to science fiction and fantasy.

The Silver Sponsors and their books for the May 7 event were selected by the retailers on the FCBD Committee.

“With Free Comic Book Day celebrating its silver anniversary in 2011, I think it's fitting that this is one of the strongest line-ups of Silver comics the event has ever enjoyed," FCBD spokesperson Leslie Jackson said in a statement. “There are twenty-seven very different Silver comics to choose from, and that will hopefully mean customers of all ages will walk away from a comic shop on May 7 with a free comic they can't wait to read. Thanks to all the Silver sponsors that made this possible.”

The complete list of FCBD titles will be available in January’s Previews catalog. Here’s the list of Silver comics:

Archie Comics: Sonic the Hedgehog FCBDJoin the excitement with an all-new Free Comic Book Day battle royale in "The Rematch"!

Aspen: Worlds of Aspen 2011A special compilation issue featuring four exciting outtakes from several of Aspen’s hottest titles — including Fathom, Soulfire, and Executive Assistant: Iris! Plus: A look at two of Aspen’s newest hit titles — Charismagic and Lady Mechanika — and a whole lot more!

Bluewater Productions: The Misadventures of Adam WestThe Man. The Myth. The Amulet?! Legendary star of the small and silver screen, Adam West, has his career youth-enized in this hip-whimsical, trans-dimensional epic of an adventure!

Bongo Comics: Bongo Comics Free-for-All!Take the plunge into a treasure trove of Bongo comics with a brand-new, exclusive, one day, one-shot collection of stories featuring The Simpsons and Futurama.

Boom! Studios: Elric: The Balance LostMeet the Pale Prince in an epic FCBD edition that heralds the new ongoing Elric series! Featuring a crisis across multiple worlds that will involve Michael Moorcock's other famous fantasy franchise characters: Corum of the Scarlet Robe and Dorian Hawkmoon!

Dark Horse Comics: Baltimore/Criminal Macabre Flip-BookDark Horse pairs up two series with heroes who battle the mysterious evils of the world. Featuring Baltimore in war-torn Europe, circa 1920s, and Cal MacDonald of Criminal Macabre, in modern day Los Angeles, both FCBD stories are excellent entry points to these fantastically horrific and compelling comic series!

DC Comics: Young Justice/Batman: The Brave & The Bold Super SamplerThis super sampler is the perfect place to check out two sensational series from the DC Kids line, Young Justice and Batman: The Brave & The Bold, based on the popular animated series seen on Cartoon Network. It includes two exciting, all-new stories that readers of all ages will enjoy!

Drawn + Quarterly: John Stanley's Summer FunSpotlighting the world's most loved all-ages cartoonist, John Stanley, and one of today's best contemporary cartoonists and designers, Seth, John Stanley's Summer Fun features stories from the John Stanley Library — Melvin Monster and Nancy — as well as Stanley classics Dunc and Loo and The Little King, making the collection as diverse as it is engaging!

Fantagraphics Books: Walt Disney's Mickey MouseToday, everyone knows Mickey Mouse as the cheerful ambassador of all things Disney. But back in the 1930s, Mickey gained fame as a rough-and-tumble, two-fisted epic hero — an adventurous scrapper matching wits with mobsters, kidnappers, spies, and even (gulp!) city slickers! And Mickey’s greatest feats of derring-do took place in his daily comic strip, written and drawn by one of the greatest cartoonists of the 20th century, Floyd Gottfredson!

Gemstone Publishing: Overstreet Guide to Collecting Comics FCBD 2011 EditionHow do you collect comics? How do you take care of the comics you buy? How do you grade comics? How do you sell your comics? How do you evaluate their worth? From the team that brings you The Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide come the answers to these questions and more facing new collectors and experienced enthusiasts alike!

History Graphics Press: Civil War AdventureTwo-fisted, historically-accurate stories of the war that divided America, as written by industry vet, Chuck Dixon! Bloody Bill Anderson's rein of terror in Missouri traps a reluctant soldier in the battle of his life in: “I Rode With The Devil”! Bloodstained axes, moonshine, murder, and revenge in the South Carolina swamps leads to a gun-runners's worst fear: “Gator Bait”! Plus: A Battlefield amputation fact page!

Image Comics/Top Cow Productions: Artifacts #½The Top Cow Universe was transformed greatly in 2010 thanks to the smash sell-out event series, Artifacts. And 2011 promises to be even more momentous with the conclusion of Artifacts. But one individual threatens to shift the balance of the Universe more than any other: the bearer of the mysterious 13th Artifact. Now fans will meet the enigmatic bearer as he is introduced to the Top Cow Universe — and the other bearers — including Sara Pezzini, Jackie Estacado, and more!

Liquid Comics: The Silver ScorpionAs seen in the New York Post, USA Today, FOX News, NPR and more! Created by disabled students from America and Syria, experience the origin of a new disabled superhero, Silver Scorpion. "The comic book will help to establish trust and understanding between cultures, to empower young people with disabilities."—President Bill Clinton, at the 2010 Clinton Global Initiative.

Marvel Comics: Thor & Captain America: The Mighty AvengersA time-twisting tale of Camelot-craziness! When mischievous Loki's machinations throw Thor and a WW II-era Steve Rogers into King Arthur's court, it's an adventure neither noble Avenger will ever forget!

New England Comics: The Tick FCBDAn all-new comic featuring a 7-page introductory story by the awesome creative team of the popular ongoing Tick New Series, Benito Cereno and Les McClaine! Plus: An original full-color preview from this year's blockbuster project, The Tick's Giant Circus Maximus, the all-new and updated official "encyclopedia" of The Tick Universe!

Oni Press: Spontaneous #1Driven to discover the truth regarding his father's mysterious death years prior, Melvin Reyes seeks to prove the existence of Spontaneous Human Combustion after fresh outbreaks of the phenomenon reveal a pattern only he can see, a predictability model only he can read, and the terrifying realization that whatever phenomenon consumed his father is also boiling inside of him, just waiting for release...

Oni Press—Rated Free For EveryoneTwo all-new stories from upcoming all-ages titles from Oni! In Power Lunch, Joey has always suffered from many food allergies — or so he thought. In reality, Joey will soon discover he has incredible super-powers; powers tied to the foods his mom always forced him to avoid! Then, in Sketch Monsters, Mandy must remember how she used her wild imagination to create the giant booger monster if she has any chance of stopping it!

Radical Publishing: Radical Premiere: Jake the DreamingWelcome to Slumberton, population 5,000 and boring — but not to 12-year-old Jake. His imagination takes him on wild adventures across the dreamscape every day. When Slumberton's children begin falling into permanent sleep, Jake must harness his powers of imagination and travel into the very dreams of his friends if he is to save the whole of Slumberton from being trapped in a perpetual nightmare!

Rebellion/2000 AD: 2000 AD2000 AD is Britain's cult sci-fi weekly comic which has been at the cutting edge of contemporary pop culture since 1977. It's imaginative, hard-hitting stories and eye-popping art which have made this multi-award-winning sci-fi anthology essential reading- and now you can get a free copy!

Red 5 Comics: Atomic Robo and Friends FCBD 2011 EditionWhen Atomic Robo agrees to guest-judge the national science fair, it draws a lot of attention... including the evil Helsingard! When the explosions fly, Robo forgets the most important rule of all — never work with children! Plus: Previews of the 2011 adventures of Red 5’s continuing favorites and all-new faces!

Th3rd World StudiosThe Intrepid Escapegoat/Stuff of Legend Preview FCBD 2011 EditionAt the dawn of the 20th Century, one brave soul dares to walk the line between the worlds of Science and Magick; he is Thomas Fleet, The Intrepid Escapegoat! Touring around the world with his ward and assistant Isis (a 2000-year-old mummy girl), EscapeGoat performs his dangerous escape act while also solving the paranormal mysteries plaguing the cities he visits. Plus: A special preview of The Stuff of Legend Volume 3, continuing the New York Times bestselling graphic novel series!

Top Shelf Productions: Top Shelf Kids' ClubThis FCBD edition presents three adventures from their established all-ages series: Owly by Andy Runton, Johnny Boo by James Kochalka, and Korgi by Christian Slade. It also features three all-new stories from brand new all-ages series coming in 2011: Okie Dokie Donuts by Chris Eliopoulos, Pirate Penguin vs. Ninja Chicken by Ray Friesen, and Upside Down by Jess Smart Smiley! Perfect for everyone in the family!

12-Gauge Comics: I.C.E. FCBD 2011 EditionThe U.S. Immigration & Customs Enforcement agency (I.C.E.) is charged with keeping our borders secure. The politics are complicated, but they don’t matter to Cole Matai, leader of the best tactical group I.C.E. has to offer. For him, it’s all about protecting the public from men like Luis Morales, head of a ruthless Mexican drug cartel.

Viper Comics: Inspector GadgetGo-Go-Gadget-Adventure! Inspector Gadget, Penny and Brain are back... but so is M.A.D.! On what should be a peaceful vacation aboard the Orient Express, Gadget must locate Professor Sagan-Heisenberg and escort him safely back to MetroCity.

Wizards of the Coast: Magic: The Gathering Comic BookFans of Magic: The Gathering, as well as any fantasy reader, will devour this action-packed comic! Featuring content from the Planeswalker web-comic series, as well as a preview of the upcoming Path of the Planeswalker II graphic novel, readers will get adventures from all their favorite Planeswalkers!

Yen Press/Hachette: James Patterson’s Witch & WizardYen Press proudly introduces the first chapter of the upcoming manga adaptation of James Patterson’s #1 New York Times bestselling series, Witch & Wizard!

Zenescope Entertainment: Discovery Channel’s Top 10 Deadliest Sharks/ANIMAL PLANET’s Prehistoric PredatorsSharks, Dinosaurs and Dangerous Animals! Catch a preview of Discovery Channel’s and Animal Planet’s first ever line of Graphic Novels, based on some of their most popular programming including Shark Week.

Wizkids/NECA: DC Heroclix: Green Lantern FigureGet ready for the Green Lantern movie with this Free Comic Book Day exclusive HeroClix miniature of the classic DC Comics space hero!

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