Silver Surfer Just Stole Goku's Most Powerful Dragon Ball Z Attack

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Silver Surfer Black #4 by Donny Cates, Tradd Moore and Dave Stewart.

Silver Surfer has a wide range of abilities granted to him thanks to the Power Cosmic. This has made him one of the most powerful beings in the entire Marvel Universe. But he just displayed a new power in Silver Surfer Black #4, utilizing the entire galaxy itself as a weapon.

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In the process, Silver Surfer seems to use a variant of a move that's been frequently deployed by a hero in an entirely different franchise: Silver Surfer's newest power seems to be a dead ringer for the Spirit Bomb, an attack famously used by Goku in Dragon Ball Z.

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Blasted into the past by a black hole, Silver Surfer has found himself dealing with celestial beings in some of their earliest years. This has included confronting Knull, the god of symbiotes, who has been targeting the Surfer across the universe. The Surfer has found an ally in the younger version of Ego the Living Planet, conversed with Uatu and even finds himself speaking with the man that would eventually transform into Galactus. Although his powers are fading, the Surfer decides to try and fight against the overwhelmingly powerful Knull.

The Surfer flies back to Ego and works with him to find a way to stand up to the figure. Using his celestial connection with the rest of the universe, Ego connects the Surfer to all things across all of existence. Then, drawing power from everything, the Surfer is able to infuse himself with it. Channeling it into his hands, the Surfer prepares to use the power to stand up one-to-one with Knull when he finds him.

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The move is designed in a very similar manner to how the Spirit Bomb is deployed in Dragon Ball Z. A technique conceived of by King Kai, Goku learned about the attack while training to fight the Saiyans. The ability allows the user to channel the ki from all the surrounding forms of life to create an energy bomb. Goku has used it against a number of enemies, even proving capable of ciphering energy from across the entire universe when he used it against Frieza on Namek.

The way the Silver Surfer gathers energy for the attack is even similar to how Goku gathers energy for the Spirit Bomb. Moore illustrates the sequence as Surfer absorbing energy from across the universe in a similar way to how Goku used the Spirit Bomb during the Frieza Saga, with flashes of light moving through the cosmos to be absorbed by the hero.

If any character in the Marvel Universe was going to be capable of recreating the world-breaking moves showcased throughout the Dragon Ball franchise, it makes sense that it would be the cosmically empowered Silver Surfer. But it remains to be seen if even these powers will give Silver Surfer the power he needs to stand up to the Symbiote God.

Silver Surfer: Black #5 releases October 16.

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