Silver Surfer #13

Story by
Art by
Michael Allred
Colors by
Laura Allred
Letters by
Joe Sabino
Cover by
Marvel Comics

"Silver Surfer" #13 flies under the banner of "Last Days" and also carries the "Secret Wars" brand on the cover, but storytellers Dan Slott and Michael Allred manage to give readers a snappy, concise Silver Surfer capsule that requires no prior knowledge of the Surfer, Dawn Greenwood or the calamity demanding the "Last Days" treatment. Instead, readers are given a nice recap of the Surfer's adventures with Dawn as the duo head for Earth in a most lackadaisical manner. After all, as Dawn says, "It's not like Earth's going anywhere."

Except, unbeknownst to Ms. Greenwood, the Earth is not only going somewhere but has already gone, as Slott and Allred share with readers. In explaining the where and the how, Slott defines the premise of "Secret Wars" and spoils the heck out of it, which isn't unfair, especially given the nature of that crossover event and the imagery on the cover of this issue.


As only Allred and colorist companion extraordinaire Laura Allred can deliver it, the cover image is a glorious Kirbyesque homage, paying tribute to the creative King of comics, the Marvel Universe and the history of the Silver Surfer (both in this series and beyond) in just one image. Impossibly, the duo trumps that image inside, with one that is simultaneously more glorious and more terrifying. Before and after that terrifying image, the Allreds and letterer Joe Sabino fill "Silver Surfer" #13 with magnificent images and playfully constructed panels. Michael Allred has a knack for capturing the essence of Kirby's influence and magnifying it, making the Kirbyesque even more trippy and creative. Of course, it helps when the issue includes Eternity, the embodiment of all that is and ever was, and the Never Queen, signifying all that could be.


Just as all hope appears extinguished, Dawn and the Surfer are greeted by another being who peels back the curtain and offers hope, at least for one more issue of Slott and Allred's "Silver Surfer." The creative quartet on "Silver Surfer" #13 weaves a comic's worth of celebration and celebrates comics worth creating, making this issue both fun and somewhat metaphysical as Surfer, Dawn and the surprise guest realize the scope of the events unfolding around, above, under and through them. Readers who have been enjoying this series are sure to find just as much satisfaction in this issue, but the issue itself is accommodating to all readers, especially those entrenched in the action of "Secret Wars" who are chomping at the bit for more from that saga in the quiet time between the issues of the main series.

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