Sony's Silver & Black Rumored to Feature Classic Spider-Man Foes

black cat and silver sable

Of all Sony's upcoming superhero films, there is perhaps none more mysterious than the project known as Silver and Black. Featuring Spider-Man leading ladies Black Cat and Silver Sable, little else is know about the film and what it will be about -- but now, we may have a better idea.

According to That Hashtag ShowSilver and Black will go old school with its villains. The report indicates that the movie will have a Dirty Dozen feel and feature villains from across Spider-Man's lengthy comic book history, including Mendel "Gaunt" Stromm, who has menaced Spidey's world since 1966. According to the report, he will have a vicious history with Silver Sable's people in the film, which causes her to seek revenge. He will design exos-suits for supervillains.

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Additionally, a version of Anton Rodriguez, the Tarantula, will reportedly appear. Though less prevalent today, the martial artist made many appearances in early issues of Amazing Spider-Man. According to the report, he will receive one of Stromm's super suits in the movie.

Mac Gargan, the Scorpion, is also set to appear. Like Tarantula, he will also sport one of Stromm's exo-suits, which will likely include a scorpion tail. He will reportedly play a role in the final battle.

According to the report, Chameleon will play a minor role as Silver Sable's "go-to guy" for information regarding South America.

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Finally, Lonnie Lincoln -- aka Tombstone -- will menace our protagonists. In the comics, Lonnie runs his operation by a criminal's code of honor alongside his daughter Janice, who has taken on the moniker of the Beetle and has even appeared as a love interest for Scott Lang's Ant-Man. Tombstone is rumored to sport his classic comic book appearance in the film, where he will be after Black Cat because of something she stole from him.

Gina Prince-Bythewood, who directed the pilot for Marvel’s Cloak and Dagger, is attached to Silver and Black, which is expected to arrive in theaters in October 2018.

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