Silver & Black: New Plot Rumors Surface About Sony's Spider-Man Film

black cat and silver sable

Officially, Sony has not released any details about its upcoming Spider-Man spinoff film Silver and Black. However, a new report indicates that the film will involve a game os cat and mouse, if you pardon the pun, which finds Silver Sable out to catch Black Cat in order to get to land an even bigger prize.

According to That Hashtag Show, Silver Sablinova, aka Silver Sable, is a bounty hunter working for the U.S. government. Sable has her sights set on Felicia Hardy, aka Black Cat, a high-end burglar who has stolen from tons of people who now want to take her down.

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More than just a professional gig, Sablinova is chasing Hardy for another reason; she's the one that stands between Sablinova and Mendel Stromm, who experimented on her Symkarian countrymen in the past. Hardy claims to be using an "enhancement" from Stromm to complete her heists, and if Silver Sable can get to Hardy, she'll be one step closer to dealing with the man who caused so much pain for her people. For his part, Stromm is also chasing down HArdy, as he and his financial backers want Hardy back in their clutches. Thus, Stromm recruits another pair of Spider-Man characters -- Scorpion and Tarantula -- to find her. What they don't expect is for Sablinova to have already caught Hardy.

Gina Prince-Bythewood has signed on to direct the film, which will start shooting this fall. She has said she hopes the film will be in the vein of Thelma and Louise and Midnight Run. "I wanted to tell the story of two damaged women who are at war with each other but need each other to survive."

No casting has been announced, but Sony does want young actresses for the role, possibly in the hopes that this can become a film franchise. Currently, the film doesn't have a release date.

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