Silver Age Sunday - The Long-Awaited Debut of Batman Jones!

Every Sunday, I will spotlight a cool Silver Age comic book story. Here is the archive of the Silver Age stories spotlighted already (I did a month's worth of them back in 2011, so I'll just pick up from where I left off then).

Today we look at the introduction of one of the greatest Batman supporting characters of all-time, Batman Jones, the kid named after Batman!

I've featured Batman Jones' origin in the past in I Love Ya But You're Strange, but it occurred to me that people really deserve to know more about Batman Jones, and since it was a Silver Age story (Spring of 1957), I thought it made sense to spotlight it in this feature, as well.

The goodness all began in Batman #108 (by Bill Finger, Sheldon Moldoff and Charles Paris), where the story opens with the awesome origin of Batman Jones....

So many awesomely bizarre ideas there, like companies sending the kid presents for some reason. Or the idea that Batman has been around long enough for a kid named after him to already be Robin's age.

Things get better when Batman Jones shows up on a case Batman and Robin are working and totally figures out where the missing statue is!!

Batman Jones is naturally quite pleased with himself, which pisses Robin off. Batman then takes him to the Batcave to teach him a lesson...

Batman's plan is to show him how tough it is being a crimefighter by using some of their old cases to test Batman Jones (with the idea being that he'll fail miserably and quit, now knowing how tough it is being a crimefighter). Instead, the kid nails every test!

Thus, Batman is forced to do what no one ever wants to do - he tells on the kid to his mother...

Isn't that awesome? Batman Jones learns no lesson. Hilarious. It also must make Robin feel dumb, as Batman Jones is as good (if not better) than him with little to no real training.

If you have a suggestion for a Silver Age story that you'd like to see spotlighted in this feature, check out the archive and drop me a line at bcronin@comicbookresourcs.com

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