Silver Age September - Captain America in "The Gladiator, the Girl and the Glory"

After a month of spotlighting the strange (if endearingly strange) history of comic books (and especially the Silver Age), I think it is worthwhile to show the comic books of the Silver Age that are simply great stories period. Here is an archive of all the Silver Age comics features so far!

You all have been enjoying the Captain America Silver Age spotlights so much that I figured I'd feature one last Captain America Silver Age story before the month ends. So today we look at a great two-parter by Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, Dick Ayers and John Romita from Tales of Suspense #75-76 starring Captain America. This is the tale that introduced both Batroc the Leaper AND Sharon Carter!!


First off, in part one (Jack Kirby layouts and Dick Ayers finishes), check out this brilliantly ominous start with the mysterious bad guys...

Pretty sweet opener, huh?

After some stuff to wrap up the plot from the previous issue, we see Cap on the street and he encounters a strangely familiar woman...

You gotta love that Stan Lee pathos!!!

Of course, now we get to see the intro of...BATROC!!!

Oh baby, Batroc is awesome. And, of course, some more pathos (the deal is that Sharon's older sister dated Cap during World War II).

And then...MORE BATROC!!!

How freakin' awesome is Batroc?!?! What a great creation!! Besides the nonchalant way that he fights Cap (already making him a lot different than most villains), he then TEAMS UP WITH CAP! How cool of a character is that?!?! That's fairly novel NOW, but in 1966, that was practically unheard of!!

So that sets up part two wonderfully, which has John Romita artwork...

I'll leave you here. There are a lot more twists and turns to come, but I don't want to spoil them.

Still, two great intros in ONE story! While having great artwork and a fun plot! Plus an Iron Man story in the same issue with Gene Colan artwork! Lucky Tales of Suspense readers!!

You can get this story in Essential Captain America Volume 1.

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