Did We Almost Get A Silver Age Sequel to The Golden Age by James Robinson?

In Nothing Was Delivered, we look at announced comic book projects that never came about. We'll try to find out WHY they didn't come out. I'm sure you all know tons of examples of comic book projects like these, so feel free to write me at brianc@cbr.com to tell me some for future columns.

Today, we look at the almost sequel to James Robinson and Paul Smith's classic, The Golden Age.

The Golden Age was an prestige format Elseworlds story by Robinson and Smith that told the story of what happened to the superheroes of the DC Universe after World War II. Here's a hint. It was not good. Not with McCarthyism and the fact that...THEY SAVED HITLER'S BRAIN!!!

But really, the whole thing was so well-written and beautifully drawn that you just knew that Robinson was going to have a bright future in comics and he soon took the same style he gave to The Golden Age and applied it to Starman, in a legendary run on that series starting in 1994.

However, the final page of The Golden Age hinted at the Silver Age and people have long wanted to see a Silver Age sequel.

As it turned out, we came close to getting one in 1996!

Find out the details!

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