Silver Age Christmas - "'Twas the Night Before Christmas"

All December 2014, we will be celebrating a Silver Age Christmas, with great Silver Age comics about Christmas. For the sake of this endeavor, "Silver Age" will be defined as 1956-1970 (the annoying part about that is that 1951-1955 sort of fall into no man's land, as it is not yet Silver Age but also seems to be a bit late for Golden Age).

We continue with 1968's Nick Fury, Agent of SHIELD #10...

The story in this issue was by Gary Friedrich, Frank Springer and Johnny Craig, who are trying to do their best impression of Steranko. And ya know what? Steranko knock-offs can also be good comics!

I like these sort of Nick Fury stories - where he's sort of dragging through life like a normal guy, until, of course, the alarm sounds and then he snaps to attention. Friedrich handles the transition well, I think...

And of course, speaking of Steranko...Fury's mission takes him to a very Steranko-esque space station where the Hate Monger is planning an attack on the United States.

Things look pretty bad for Fury...

what WAS that object that deflected the bad guy's ship? Could it BE?!!?

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