Silver Age Christmas - "Night Before Christmas"

All December 2014, we will be celebrating a Silver Age Christmas, with great Silver Age comics about Christmas. For the sake of this endeavor, "Silver Age" will be defined as 1956-1970 (the annoying part about that is that 1951-1955 sort of fall into no man's land, as it is not yet Silver Age but also seems to be a bit late for Golden Age).

Today we look at 1957's Giant Comics #3...

The story is Al Fago's "Night Before Christmas," which stars Fago's greatest creation, the Mighty Mouse riff, Atomic Mouse. If a knockoff character stars in a parody of a famous poem, does it make a sound?

Anyhow, our tale opens with a pretty standard parody of "'Twas the Night Before Christmas," but then things go WAY crazy...

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