SIlver Age Christmas - "Elmo's First Christmas"

All December 2014, we will be celebrating a Silver Age Christmas, with great Silver Age comics about Christmas. For the sake of this endeavor, "Silver Age" will be defined as 1956-1970 (the annoying part about that is that 1951-1955 sort of fall into no man's land, as it is not yet Silver Age but also seems to be a bit late for Golden Age).

We continue with a bizarre tale called "Elmo's First Christmas" from 1956's Adventures In Wonderland #5...

So the basic gist of this story is that Elmo is a young elephant who lives in the circus with his mother, who is a circus elephant. He is best friends with a mouse. If you thought to yourself, "But..but...this is just a Dumbo rip-off!" then you would be almost surely correct.

Still, not even Dumbo can quite match the insanity of this comic story. Elmo, you see, wants to trim the Christmas tree. His request receives a curious response from the other circus workers...

Yes, dude turns into a sugar cookie. What the what?!!?

Innnnsane. I wish I knew who wrote it!

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