SIlver Age Christmas - "A Late Christmas"

All December 2014, we will be celebrating a Silver Age Christmas, with great Silver Age comics about Christmas. For the sake of this endeavor, "Silver Age" will be defined as 1956-1970 (the annoying part about that is that 1951-1955 sort of fall into no man's land, as it is not yet Silver Age but also seems to be a bit late for Golden Age).

We continue with "A Late Christmas" from Charlton's Giant Comics #3 from 1957...

Al Fago's younger brother, Vince, was the last man to be the Editor-in-Chief of Marvel Comics other than Stan Lee before Roy Thomas (Fago filled in for Lee during Lee's World War II service). Like Al, Vince's specialty was funny animal comics. Al Fago was a master of the funny animal comic. He was also a master of ripping himself off. His most successful character was a Mighty Mouse riff called Atomic Mouse. So soon we had Atom the Cat and Atomic Rabbit. Here's an Atomic Rabbit tale by Fago (who I've actually never seen confirmed as having passed away. His younger brother died at age 87 TWELVE years ago, so the odds are very high than Al Fago passed away a while ago, I just can't seem to find any evidence of it). It opens with Atomic Rabbit on the way to the North Pole to see why no presents have been delivered to Rabbitville despite Christmas passing. While Atomic Rabbit is away, the villainous Sly Fox is taking the opportunity to rob the town...

If anyone has a suggestion for a Silver Age Christmas story that they'd like to see, feel free to drop me a line at bcronin@comicbookresources.com and perhaps I'll use your suggested story!

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