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Silvani & Sparrow Reflect on “Darkwing Duck”

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Silvani & Sparrow Reflect on “Darkwing Duck”

In the issues that followed, readers were treated to even more twists on the established canon, though some fans criticized the book’s darker approach to the traditionally comedic characters, wondering why Darkwing was often at odds with his trusted sidekick Launchpad. “I think if we had more time to work on the book, that would probably be [addressed],” Silvani said. “We had about three years of issues planned out, and I think there was definitely an effort to get back to the more lighthearted tone of the show.”

As it stands, the book ends its run with an unprecedented four-part crossover entitled “Dangerous Currency” involving the “Duck Tales” and “Darkwing Duck” casts. “I got to draw Scrooge, which was the most exciting part for me. He’s such a huge part of what made me the cartoonist that I am,” said Silvani. “Every duck that you ever wanted to see in a comic is there.”

Silvani hopes the final issue will “make everybody happy” in light of the way fans stood behind the publication from the beginning. “There’s no better fans in the world than Darkwing fans,” he stated. “They’ve been very supportive of everything we’ve done with the book. I’m glad they’re still buying it. It’s been a consistent seller. We never fluctuated up or down. The fans are there and I’m happy they’ve been so welcoming.”

The comics success, critically and financially, also likely helped improve Disney’s perception of Darkwing’s marketability. “From what I heard, DVD sales since the comic has come out have risen — I think it was 300%,” Silvani shared. While this doesn’t guarantee Darkwing – aka The Rhinestones on the Jumpsuit of Justice — will return in the future, both artist and editor remain hopeful. “We’ve had some really informal discussions with people at Disney,” Sparrow told CBR. “They still, of course, are putting together their publishing plan, and I’m not sure they’ve pulled everything together yet but — thankfully, the fans have made them very aware of how popular this character is. I think a Darkwing book put out at Marvel through a Disney imprint, or Disney doing their own books, would be huge. I think it would be even more successful than what we’ve done here, so I’m really hopeful that they’ll continue the series. We keep having dinners, we keep talking to creator Tad Stones, who is awesome, and we keep coming up with new ideas. Hopefully, if something happens, they’ll give us a call and we’ll get a chance to tell some great stories.”

Elaborating on the direction said stories might take, Silvani hinted at parodies of recent DC titles like “Flashpoint” and “Batman, Incorporated,” while Sparrow offered, “I think we would honor existing continuity, but we do have a plan that we’d like to turn it on its ear, typical comic-book style. An ‘everything you know is wrong!’ kind of storyline, but in a way that honors the spirit of the show.”

“Darkwing Duck #18, written by Ian Brill and illustrated by James Silvani, is on sale now.

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