<i>Silent Hill</i> Casting Call: Who Do You Want To Star In The Sequel?

Excited for the developing Silent Hill sequel? Can't wait to find out more details on story and casting for director Michael J. Bassett's forthcoming video game adaptation? Well, we can't help you there, but here's a nice little activity to tide you over in the meantime: figuring out who should star in the film.

As previously reported, Bassett's Silent Hill sequel is a retelling of Silent Hill 3, which sees young Heather strangely drawn to this town filled with nightmare creatures and grisly secrets. In an effort to find the right person to play Heather, Bassett has decided to turn the mike over to the fans.

Over at his blog, Bassett writes:

I notice quite a few casting suggestions for Heather in the comments. Clearly this is a crucial decision and one that I’m not going to make lightly as I need a real performance at the heart of this story. However, I am interested in who you guys and girls might see in the role and since I’m only just starting that process now, I’m not averse to seeing some suggestions.

To that end, the director has laid out some guidelines for what he's searching for from an actress for Heather, as well as some guidelines for how to leave suggestions. Head over to his blog to share your opinions with Bassett, or if you'd rather stay here and leave some casting suggestions in the comments section — we won't blame you, the Spinoff Online team is a handsome bunch of bloggers after all — you're more than welcome to do so!

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