Silent Devil's "Empty Chamber" Production Blog Launches

Official Press Release

Los Angeles, CA- In conjunction with the September 2006 release of Empty Chamber from Silent Devil Entertainment, the creators behind the two-issue mini-series have launched a behind-the-scenes production blog to let readers learn in advance about the story.

Series co-creator A. David Lewis (The Lone and Level Sands, Mortal Coils) was largely inspired by the production blogs of Brian Wood for Local and Joshua Hale Fialkov for the upcoming World's End in regards to creating Empty Chamber's own production site. "Hundreds of man-hours, thousands of words, and pages upon pages of illustration go into any comic series," says Lewis. "Add to that the promoting, pitching, negotiating, and marketing of a book like Empty Chamber, and you have a side-business unto itself!"

Lewis and partner Jason Copland's goal with the production blog is to make that "side-business" slightly more transparent. "Our hope," says Lewis in the initial posting, "is to not only interest [individuals] in purchasing the series but also partially educate people - either those who want to make their own comics or those who had no idea of the work behind all the fun and entertainment."

Gred Burgas, in a recent post for the Comic Book Resources Presents…Comics Should Be Good blog, responded to the story's listing in Diamond's Previews ( JUL06 3416) with the following summary: "A young man at Boston University becomes the government's most wanted because he possesses knowledge that might thwart an American genocide. 32 pages for $2.95. Two issues. What do you have to lose?"

Fans can view the blog here: http://captionbox.net/ecpb

The Brothers Beranek and David Fairley formed Silent Devil in 1996. A haven for creator rights, Silent Devil presents to its worldwide base of fans a multitude of talented men and women, all dedicated to producing the best in entertainment via comics, music and film. Home of the multi-media franchise Dracula vs. King Arthur , Silent Devil is a trailblazer in the independent production field. For more info please visit www.silentdevil.com

Based in Los Angeles, CA and Fairfax, VA.

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