Silent Devil Welcomes You To The "HoCal" Webcomic

Official Press Release

Los Angeles, CA -- Silent Devil, the publishers of The Devil's Panties, Super Frat and a line of diverse webcomics have announced the launch of HoCal: a hotel industry webcomic by Pat Loika.

"I've been a Silent Devil supporter for quite some time," says creator Pat. "Working with Christian Beranek, Tony DiGerolamo, and the rest of the gang at Silent Devil is like a dream come true.   They take care of their creators, and devote as much time to fine-tuning a project as they do promoting it."

HoCal is a satire about working in the hotel industry.   It centers around a group of hotel employees and the crazy guests they encounter. The first strip is about Ryan and his first day on the job. Working there for over four years, Pat saw many insane and wacky things go on at the hotel. Eventually, he started sharing these stories with friends and on the web.

"My friends said that I should turn it into a comic," says Pat.   "I got my buddy Chris Maze from Dial R Studios (www.dialrstudios.com) to handle the art."

HoCal will be posted weekly beginning Thursday, November 9 th , on the Silent Devil website at www.silentdevil.com in their webcomics section.

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