Silent Devil Releases "Runes Of Ragnan" Collection

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Official Press Release

This Fall Silent Devil will unleash the Viking epic Runes of Ragnan in a collected edition containing the complete four-issue mini-series. Written by Ty Gorton, drawn in high action detail by Josh Medors (GI Joe, In The Blood, FUSED!), with colors by Jay Fotos (Spawn: The Dark Ages, Vampirella, The Nail), the collected edition will include a 5-page prequel, an exclusive short story with visuals by Bud Cook, contest winning artwork, and a behind the scenes feature.

Throughout the history of the comic book medium, very few titles have explored authentic Viking Lore. The creative team of Runes of Ragnan have put forth considerable effort to inject what is known of Norse mythology into the pages of the comic. Writer Ty Gorton explains, "It was important to me that we include accurate Viking facts and beliefs throughout the story. This is, of course, a work of fiction with a fantasy layer and some liberties taken, but we worked hard as a team to be respectful to Norse culture."

The attention to detail is not only apparent in the story; it presents itself on every page thanks to the pencils of Josh Medors. The intense panel work, unique perspectives, and intricate lines create a page-to-page experience rarely offered in comics. For Josh, "…It has always been the freedom this project offered that kept me motivated. On other books, I have to tone down the violence or alter my style. On RoR, I was able to push myself as far as I wanted." The proof and benefit of that freedom is made clear within the pages of Runes of Ragnan.

Runes of Ragnan: Flames of Muspell is a 112-page collected edition that will retail for $14.95. The book will be available for pre-order in the August Previews catalogue. Please visit www.silentdevil.com and www.runescomic.com for more details.

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