Silent Devil Launches "Jim Reaper" Web Comic

Official Press Release

Los Angeles, CA - Silent Devil, the publishers of Dracula vs. King Arthur, Super Frat and a line of diverse comic books and webcomics have announced the launch of the Jim Reaper webcomic.

"Jim Reaper is the little book that could," says publisher Christian Beranek.   "People are in love with the little guy, even though he harvests souls."

Here's what people are saying:

"The creative team of MacPherson and Benoit have managed to create a character who should be hated and feared, but is adorable and lovable, and overall infectious.  This is the kind of book you want to read to escape from the rigors of your hectic day."

- Brant Fowler (Silver Bullet Comics)

"I think that Dwight and Mathieu have a GREAT thing going in much the same spirit as the (Marvel) 'Bullpen Bits.' The strips are colorful, short, and very funny in a morbid sort of way, like a typical 10-year-old boy would think."

- Jim Miers (Silver Bullet Comic Books)

"I have read Jim Reaper: Week One, and feel confident that Jim will be one of the most exciting and innovative characters to come out in a long time."

- Brain Harnois (Sci-Fi Channel's GHOST HUNTERS)

"...Truly laugh out loud funny." - Mike Davidson (The Comics Review)

"Mathieu and I are extremely excited about the new JIM REAPER webcomic site!" Says Jim Reaper creator Dwight MacPherson. "We'll be offering some exclusive content down the line, so we hope everyone will drop by and check it out!"

The Jim Reaper website will be linked from the Silent Devil website at www.silentdevil.com .

The Jim Reaper: Week One one-shot is in shops now and is also available via the Silent Devil online store: www.silentdevil.com/store

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