Silent Devil Debuts "Empty Chamber" Trailer

Official Press Release

To celebrate the release of Empty Chamber #1 next week Silent Devil has debuted a trailer for the book at www.silentdevil.com Directed by The Last Sin of Mark Grimm creator Sean McManus, the Empty Chamber trailer features an original script by Harvey nominated series co-creator A. David Lewis (Mortal Coils) and art by Jason Copland and Harvey nominated Jenn Rodgers (The Lone and Level Sands).

"Empty Chamber is an epic book I feel comic fans should know about," say Silent Devil publisher Christian Beranek. "It's like reading James Bond meets Three Days of the Condor. It's really cinematic, that's why we thought the trailer would be appropriate."

Empty Chamber #2 is available for pre-order this month. Please ask your local retailer to reserve your copy today!

To view the trailer please visit www.silentdevil.com

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