Silent Devil Announces "The Man Who Would Not Die"

Official Press Release

Silent Devil is proud to announce that May will see the arrival of Death And The Man Who Would Not Die, a four-issue sequel to the critically acclaimed horror western Death Comes To Dillinger.

In 2006, Death Comes To Dillinger introduced audiences to the skull-faced drifter who rides from town to town with the names of his victims engraved on gold pocket watches. The two-issue limited series was met with much praise from pros like Warren Ellis, received high marks from sites like Newsarama and Aint It Cool News, gathered strong retail and fan reaction, and is doing excellent trade sales.

Creator James Patrick says "Death And The Man Who Would Not Die picks up where Death Comes To Dillinger left off, the repercussions making things very difficult for Death in the sequel. To make matters worse, someone has stolen something very important from Death, something he'll do almost anything to get back."

Fans of the original will be happy to learn that the creative team of James Patrick, se7enhedd, and JM Ringuet have all returned, and that means the moody tone that made the first series so popular will be coming back as well.

Death And The Man Who Would Not Die is in March Previews and ships in May. The Death Comes To Dillinger collection is in Previews now, order # SPOT NOV06 3844

More information can be found at silendevil.com, theresafrenchfryinmyfingers@blogspot.com, and myspace.com/crackurz

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