Silent Devil Announces "Empty Chamber" Original Art Contest

Silent Devil, publisher of Dracula vs. King Arthur and the upcoming Death and the Man Who Would Not Die, has announced a new contest in which fans have a chance to win original art direct from Empty Chamber artist and co-creator Jason Copland.

The art in question is page 20 from Empty Chamber #2, available for order in Previews this month. This is the first time Copland has parted with a page of original art.

"Page #20 is significant, in terms of the story," says Copland. "It depicts the first real face to face conflict between our heroes and

villains. It is at this point that we are drawn into the final battle -the one that will decide the fate of America."

In order to win, fans must answer three questions relating to Empty Chamber #1, which, due to demand, has been offered again in Previews this month. The issue can also be ordered online at www.silentdevil.com

The questions, hand picked by Empty Chamber writer and co-creator A. David Lewis, are:

1. What year what Senator Fleischer born?

2. What section is the book for which Sam asks located?

3. What are the three code names assigned to the teams that Col. Ellis

sends after General Fleischer?

Fans can send their answers directly to cberanek@silentdevil.com Please put EMPTY CHAMBER ART CONTEST in your headers. Contest ends March 31. Winner will be picked at random from the pool of correct


"Jason Copland is a name to watch for," says Silent Devil publisher Christian Beranek. "We're grateful he was willing to donate his art for the contest -- one lucky fan is going to be very happy."

For more information on how to order Empty Chamber #1 and #2 please visit www.diamondcomics.com Order codes for the books are FEB073713 and FEB073714, respectively.

For more information on Empty Chamber please visit http://www.silentdevil.com/empty-chamber.php

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