Silent Devil Announces Banner Contest

Official Press Release

Los Angeles, CA: Silent Devil, the publishers of The Devil's Panties, Super Frat and a line of diverse webcomics and print comics have announced a banner contest.

"We're looking for an artist to design our Monsters of Comics banner for our website," says publisher, Christian Beranek. "Last year, was the year of the monkey. Now, Silent Devil is all about the Monsters of Comics."

The Monsters of Comics was developed by artist Chris Moreno, Tony DiGerolamo and Christian Beranek. "The MOC represents our comic book superstars," says Marketing Director Tony DiGerolamo. "At Silent Devil, we promote the creators and leave the gimmicks for companies that are out of ideas."

The Monsters of Comics banner contest from Silent Devil begins January 8th and ends at midnight on January 22nd. The winner will get a full compliment of Silent Devil comics and will be listed on the Silent Devil website as one of its creators.

"This is a chance for one of our fans to join our team," says Beranek. "At Silent Devil, our fans are like our family."

In addition, the winning designer of the Monsters of Comics banner and logo will receive $50, right from Christian Beranek's pocket himself. "CB is crazy," say DiGerolamo. "The company offered to pick up the tab but he wouldn't have it. He's that committed." The banner and logo will become property of Silent Devil. Silent Devil creators are ineligible for this contest. Email entries directly to Christian Beranek at cberanek@silentdevil.com.

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