Silent Devil Announces "Astronaut Dad"

Official Press Release

Silent Devil, a Los Angeles based production company, is proud to announce the 2-part graphic novel series Astronaut Dad. Written by Karma Incorporated creator David Hopkins with art by Horrorwood's Brent Schoonover, Astronaut Dad follows three NASA families in Houston, Texas during the boom years of the space race.

"This is one project I couldn't turn down," says Silent Devil co-founder Christian Beranek. "David Hopkins has done great work with SD before on Antigone and Brent's artwork is amazing. This series represents the future of the medium, being that original graphic novels are quickly becoming a widely embraced form of mass communication."

"I write about families in crisis," says co-creator David Hopkins."Astronaut Dad is my most personal work and, by far, the most challenging. It's gone through numerous re-writes. But now, I look at the script, I'm confident readers will get something truly honest and unique."

"Although our new focus is on film, tv and other media, Silent Devil was always known in the past as a publisher," says co-founder Adam Beranek. "Astronaut Dad is a book we believe in and we're happy to be on board -- as they say, the engines are prepped and ready to launch!"

Astronaut Dad Volume 1 is set for a late October Release. Volume 2 will follow in Summer 2008.

For more information please visit www.silentdevil.com and www.antiherocomics.com

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